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Make your life more wholesome with AEG

There are a lot of factors of right and healthy lifestyle. Well-prepared and correctly stored food is one of the most important parts of it. If your appliances don’t work in the right way you need to repair them at the same moment. Timeous maintenance and fixing of your appliances can prevent unexpected problems with your health.

Pick out FQAR

Our team consists of the best specialists. We provide affordable and qualitative services to emergency repair and planned installation or replacement of appliances. FQAR ensures that you will get required help if you contact us by the phone or email.

AEG. German quality for everyone

AEG is a major company which exists for almost one century. Its technique is used by millions of people thanks to unrepeatable design and convenience. However, even good appliances can break down and need proper care of it. FQAR affords you professional maintenance of appliances. It prevents early resignation of your techniques.

AEG fridge repair

AEG fridges are popular among residents of downtown and suburb. It is a good choice for people who are looking for a big one for a whole family and the small one for singles. But you need to contact us if your fridge:

  • Is very noisy
  • Becomes hot
  • Does not save products properly
  • Produces too much water inside or outside the fridge

After accepting an order our handyman will help you with solving your problem.

AEG dishwashing machine fixing

It supposed to be that there is a problem after every dinner with who will wash all the dishes. But AEG offers you excellent solution of it. Dishwashing machines help your family not to argue about home work. But every machine can make you a problem if it is too loud or leaks. So in case of this you always can contact us and our company will take care of it.

AEG stove repair

Right preparing of food is very important. AEG ovens are handy for making:

  • Bakery products
  • Dishes including meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables preserving all useful elements

Only an oven without damages can ensure delicious food. That’s why timely fixing is necessary. And our technicians will do everything possible to restore your stove.

AEG washer repair

Washing clothes manually is not used for a long time. Thanks to AEG washers even laundry is not a problem for modern people. Delicate and not disturbing wash is a common thing now. And service on time can extend time of exploitation of this appliance. FQAR suggests you regular checking out and repair. Contact us and your clothes will be clean without any issues.

AEG dryer restore

There are many advantages in having a dryer. It gives a possibility to wash clothes and right after that wear it. Beides, when you have a large amount of clothes, there is no need to look for a place to dry it. It is clear that without appropriate maintenance it can break down. We afford all kinds of services connected with dryers. Phone us and your appliances will be all right.

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