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Relax with Amana brand

Hassle-free housework

Only a few people like cleaning, washing, cooking and other needful but not very enjoyable duties. And even those who like it want to do it with minimum of troubles. Amana appliances allow to escape from this. It affords appliances which is not complicated but extremely effective and comfortable in use. Amana prices will also surprise you because relatively to its quality they are not very high.

Help in maintenance

We need to look after appliances to feel in safe at home. However not everyone can do it properly. For example, almost all women and some men don’t know how to apply with electrician and machines’ elements. That’s why we created FQAR. Our professional team can help such people in:

  • Installation
  • maintenance
  • fixing different appliances

It means that in case of you need to revise all your appliances we will do it with joy. FQAR’s technicians use all their knowledge and professional skills to do your life easier and more secure.

Amana fridge fixing

There are a lot of various models of refrigerators. They can be of different sizes, forms, with freezer or without it. But it doesn’t change the fact that fridges can break down. However, FQAR can prevent it if you allow us. Contact our service center and you will never know about:

  • leaking
  • overheating
  • spoiling of products
  • lack of light in a fridge
  • annoying noise

Amana stove maintenance

Broken ovens are very frequent cause of fire department calls. Of course it’s safer and cheaper to contact FQAR beforehand! Our professional handymen will prevent all the problems with your stove thanks to regular inspection of it. Call us without delay and our company will not let kitchen issues bother you.

Amana dishwasher repair

Clean dishes are one of the things which is noticed by guests at your home. Amana dishwasher will make excellent first impression about you. Although their grade is very high these appliances can break down. But we are always ready to fix your dishwasher. Contact us after buy and our manager will consult you.

Amana washer restore

Cleanliness can be seen in many situations. Messy clothes testify about an absence of this feature. Amana washers won’t let it. Your clothes will shine. And in case of bad washing you can always invite our repairmen to fix any problem with it. Our manager will estimate all the services beforehand so you will know how much it’ll cost.  With FQAR services you can be sure in fair prices and high quality.

Amana dryer maintenance

Full-size and compact dryers are very convenient for people who don’t like hanging on and taking off clothes. They also minimize space which is occupied by wet clobber. Too much noise from dryer or its effectless work must force you to contact specialists. FQAR will be a great choice! Our qualified handymen will fix it quickly as it possible and can check it regularly to prevent more damages.

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