What can our repairmen in Ancaster do for you? 

Reliable repair company nearby. F.Q.A.R. appliance service takes pride in being accountable to residents of Ancaster, Ontario region. Our professional staff ensure fast services at inexpensive quotes carrying out quality control of repairs. By doing so, we earn the trust of Canadians. So, if you come across any technical issue with major household appliances, don`t hesitate to contact us via phone or email at any time of the day and night.

Recommended washer specialists. Although you may not think of washers very often, they serve as an essential component of your daily routine and efficiency. Only when it comes to a failure or complete breakdown, we start regretting our careless attitude towards these helpful units. In this moment, it is crucial to act promptly. Calling F.Q.A.R. repair department in your neighborhood is the best available choice. Our certified specialists will put up your machine improving its functions. We`ll cut your water bills and save home comfort.

Dishwasher serviced by experts. When a dishwasher breaks, contact one of the professional handymen from our team. Knowledgeable fixers can save you the time and money replacing worn out parts efficiently. Some common dishwasher issues include the following:

  • not draining;
  • won`t start/finish the cycle;
  • leaves spots;
  • dishes not drying, etc.

Fortunately, our experts excel in eliminating these and other general dishwasher problems.

Service Area

Saint George

Extended stove & oven maintenance. Sometimes your oven may be beyond a simple repair. If that is the case, our yearly experienced specialists have the capabilities to perform a compressive fixing. Regardless, of whether we are carrying out a simple job or replacing the entire thing, have peace in mind knowing that we ensure your piece of kitchen equipment will last your family for years to come. We`ll go to great length to get your machines work like new again.

Take advantage of superior freezer service. One important favor you can do for your home is provide regular freezer maintenance. Just pick up the phone and we are here to do test it. Our clients can be confident knowing freezer repairmen will arrive on time and leave you 100% satisfied. If you hire a F.Q.A.R. professionals in Ancaster, you are guaranteed to receive smart solutions that are of the highest quality.  With our workmanship, reliable repairs became hassle-free and affordable. We are able to do the job right the first time. No extra charges, hidden fees, recurring problems and mess left after repairs.

Local dryer repairs. Trustworthy staff at F.Q.A.R. appliances is specializing in advanced maintaining of dryers. Model or brand doesn`t matter. When you call, we:

  • arrive as soon as possible;
  • inspect the damage;
  • and simply solve the problem.

Our colleagues in Ancaster and its surroundings are poised to handle your most challenging needs, including emergency dryer support.  Rest assured, we`ll make every effort to help you.

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