Install, Restore, Repair & More 

Look for repair experts in Angus. Experienced handymen at F.Q.A.R. service center repair broken, noisy and leaky appliances avoiding costly replacements. Our technicians arrive ready to work with a truck full of parts needed to complete the job hassle-free. From damaged dryers to overheating ovens, get in touch with our local team in Angus, Ontario province. Knowledgeable fixers can:

  • install;
  • restore;
  • diagnose;
  • maintain;
  • and fix efficiently.

What we carry out. F.Q.A.R. fixing company offers a wide range of services – big and small. We serve the following electrical or gas appliances:

  • dryer;
  • washer;
  • dishwasher;
  • oven;
  • stove;
  • freezer;

Unless you find a service that you need in the list, it doesn’t mean our skilled handymen in Angus can’t help you out. If you come across any technical issue, we`ll ensure fast services at inexpensive quotes.

Stove & oven repairs. If you need to get a stove performing correctly or an oven installed according to safety technique, it`s high time to email our professional staff. Kitchen is a hub of activity; hence you need cooking appliances perform at their peak. Whatever the issue is that should be completed, we guarantee on-time service to your satisfaction.

Washer & dishwasher repairs. Benefits of working with recommended fixing partners are obvious. Firstly, we have years of experience as well as hundreds of clients satisfied with maintenance done properly. Secondly, if you are in need of washer services, our colleagues will show up at any part of the city or region. Finally, new tools enable us to figure out and tackle the dishwasher issue already the same or next day. 

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New Lowell

Fridge & freezer repairs. Have you been eyeing a new refrigerator for your kitchen, but it`s too expensive or not good enough? Maybe, you would like the older one to be repaired by our experts? If so, feel free to hire one of our electrician to diagnose the appliance. F.Q.A.R. dedicated staff offers exceptional services that can get any broken freezer or fridge in operation again.


Dryer repairs. Working with dryers, we take time to ensure that everything is done properly without any failure that could cause breakages in the long-run. If you are already experiencing noises, vibrations, inaccurate temperature or long drying cycles, our team can help you. Our sophisticated workmanship includes professionals who are fully insured and certified to deliver emergency support without compromising quality.

Readily-available handymen. We do care about each client. There is neither too small nor too difficult job for us. If of your appliances is disturbing your family, don’t wait any longer. Contact your local specialists for more information. Experts advice for free is guaranteed. We are specializing in:

  • exclusive services;
  • unbeatable prices;
  • well-thought-of solutions.

F.Q.A.R. service team works around your schedule 24 hours a day. No extra charges for weekends, nights or holidays.

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