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Blomberg: Appliances for your comfort

Appliances created to relief your life

Blomberg company is in a constant search for new intelligent decisions that will make your life more convenient. The combination of design and quality of their appliances allows not to care about home duties. Connection with their clients is always the best impetus for them.

FQAR will save your peace

What can disturb you one lovely sunny day? Maybe, many things can, but we won’t let broken appliances do this! With FQAR services you don’t have to worry if your fridge or washer breaks down. Right away after buying you can contact us and our repairmen will help you in:

  • Installation
  • Following maintenance
  • Repair services

There are several ways to contact us, choose the simplest one and FQAR will care about everything else.

Blomberg washer repair

You will be glad to know that Blomberg manufactures different kinds of washers that will be to your liking anyway. And every model can completely clean a full load in under 30 minutes. It’s very comfortable for people with a mad lifestyle like doctors, teachers or even housewives. This capacity is very impressive but you need to watch out. Such capacity in a combination with a bad maintenance can come up with a quick breakdown. That’s why FQAR provides services of maintenance and repair for Blomberg and other brands washers. Contact us and our managers will tell you all the details.

Blomberg dryer restore

Blomberg dryers were planned in such a way to simplify your life. They will dry all clothes you need in an hour and you won’t even hear it! One more advantage is that thanks to an economical motor of this appliance your energy bills will barely notice them working. Unfortunately, appliances can break down. But you shouldn’t concern about this. Just call us and our handyman will solve your problem quickly.

Blomberg dishwasher fixing

Blomberg dishwashers are perfect decision for people who like to relax after a big cheerful party. It is easy to load and extremely quiet until cleaning. So you can rest or even take a nap while your dishwashing machine is working. And if there are some malfunctions that you started to notice you can contact our support center. Right after that our repairmen will find a way to help you.

Blomberg fridges maintenance

Blomberg fridges aim to let you enjoy different products for a long time. It ensures:

  • Blue Light technology that maintains the vitamin content in fruits and vegetables
  • Preserving freshness of all types of food
  • Cold water and ice dispensers
  • Comfortable design inside and outside the fridge

If your refrigerator doesn’t function properly you should connect with us. Our specialists will try to fix it immediately in any place of our country.

Blomberg ovens repair

There are a lot of variants of stoves that you can choose. it doesn’t matter if it’ll be gas or electrical you shouldn’t forget about its maintenance. Every stove is potentially dangerous. So you should remember about this and call FQAR with appearance of first signs of any damages. Our handymen will help you and give useful recommendations to prevent next breaking.

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