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Appliances for peace at home

All people want to feel convenient at home. Bosch appliances allow you not to think about any home duties. It makes new developments every year to make their customers life easier. This company always tries to come up with new ideas which do your home more refined and adapted for carefree life.

Do you need help? Call us!

Even German quality is not sustainable to all accidents that happens. That’s why it’s always better to prevent difficulties. You can do this in very simple way by contacting us. FQAR provides different services beginning from regular checking out ending with replacement of appliances’ details. Our team help many people to save their time and force for things that matter more.

Bosch oven maintenance

A stove is one of the most dangerous and needed appliance at the kitchen. Bosch offers you affordable kinds of ovens. You can always be sure in their quality. But you can notice some signs of a breakdown. You need to call for help if you:

  • Smell gas at the kitchen
  • See some sparks behind an electrical stove
  • Cannot kindle a gas burner
  • Notice that food is not prepared enough

Using our services, you can feel certain that we will warn you in any case of menace and try to fix it at once.

Bosch fridge repair

You cannot spend any day without using a fridge. This appliance relieves your life in a thousand times. Moreover, its function of freezing allows you to forget about daily cooking or shortage of seasonal fruits, berries and other products. However, if its work is disordered you won’t be able to apply it correctly. In this case we can lend you a hand in any place of Canada. Our departments are placed in many cities so FQAR team can arrive anytime you need.

Bosch dishwasher fixing

Dishwasher is a good present for every male and female. No one likes to wash dishes especially after delicious dinner. Dishwashing machine ensures clean tableware without excess harassments. If you have any problem with this appliance contact us and we will find inexpensive solution together.

Bosch washer restore

Quiet and efficient washers are one of a big Bosch achievement. They prove their reliability for years. With development of technologies washers became smarter and more comfortable. They make their washing function perfectly and also give you a possibility:

  • To control them on distance
  • To set time of washing beginning
  • Choosing a washing mode according to type of clothes without human help
  • Turning off in case of emergency even if there is nobody at home

Despite its intelligence it is not able to fix itself. But FQAR will do this with pleasure. Contact us and your washer will joy you with it smart functions for a long time.

Bosch dryer maintenance

Don’t forget about convenient Bosch dryers! It can ease your life just with release from one duty. You shouldn’t tire your back anymore with hanging on heavy wet clothes. Bosch dryers can do it instead of you. And if you see incorrect work of your appliance you can phone us. FQAR the best repairmen will come and fix all the damages in the shortest time.

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