Expand the lifespan of machines 

Repair service in Brampton.  The F.Q.A.R. fixing team is building change in Brampton, Ontario region. The urban city we serve is one of the youngest and most diverse center in Canada. However, local residents didn`t have access to professional repairing service until this day. Dedicated staff of professional technicians came to the downtown of Brampton to provide the first-class support. We are truly specialists in the services we offer. Turn to the F.Q.A.R. appliances, if you need a fast and effective repair of the next units:

  • freezer;
  • oven;
  • washer;
  • dryer;

What can you expect. We`ll pick up your machine or inspect it at your facilities. After diagnosing the failure our certified technicians will estimate the repairing costs and let you know. Be sure, we`ll find a quick and appropriate solution to any problem, which fits your budget perfectly. Competitive pricing and discounts are waiting for every client.  Our customer friendly service is available via phone, live chat or email at all times of the day. More information can be found on our Website.  Feel free to contact us if any questions.

Dryers problems and solutions. If your clothes come out of the dryer still wet or the machine makes strange noises, schedule a dryer appointment with one of the experienced electrician in Brampton right away. Be aware, that wrong functioning electric appliances become hazards. Fires or electric shocks can arise in every home. Make sure, that your machines are installed and maintained properly. Protect your family.

Does your washer need repair? Trust our experts! The F.Q.A.R. appliances service can get your machine up and running well again. Count on us in any situation. Superior solutions at a significant cost savings are guaranteed. Proficient specialists provide exclusive repairs of older and obsolete parts as well. The highest-level of quality can be found only here. 

Service Area

Halton Hills

Freezer not working right? We know how to fix all common refrigerator failures as:

  • rattles;
  • noises and vibrations;
  • poor cooling;
  • leaks;
  • odor;
  • fridge won`t turn off;
  • runs constantly.

Brand or model doesn`t matter. Click on your site to for additional company information.

Improve efficiency of your dishwashers. These household appliances seem to fail at the worst time. But no fear! We are here to help you.  Fixing the dishwasher takes little time and expenses, when professionals get down to business. We have all technical knowledge required to perform every repair at the highest quality.


Oven burner fails to light? Skilled handymen can diagnose the problem and get it fixed within hours, providing a wide range of comprehensive services:

  • essential repairs;
  • minor maintenance;
  • replacement of elements;
  • upgrading;

We are geared toward your immediate needs. Extend life of your equipment by booking a visit of a recommended service #1 in Canada.

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