Household safety with F.Q.A.R. appliances in BrantFord 

Get rid of oven faults.  When you are planning a fancy home-cooked meal, there is no time for stove issues. However, a machine can let down in the most responsible moment. Instead of relying on a device, entrust your safety and comfort to expert people. F.Q.A.R. appliance fixing service is available since now in your town too. Residents of BrantFord and its surroundings shouldn`t feel anxious anymore, because specialist are getting down to business. Ovens and stoves will work on their owners for many long years and thus make their lives easier. We can do:

  • major and minor repairs;
  • maintenance jobs;
  • upgrades;
  • replacement of buttons/elements/mechanisms etc.

Take advantage of functioning dishwashers. Did you know, that about one in four dishwashers will breakdown within four years after purchasing. To prevent this, we strongly recommend to schedule a comprehensive diagnostic right now. Fixing is not a luxurious endeavor anymore.  F.Q.A.R. appliances team saves your money, time and nerves. Here we`ve listed some common problems, we can easily solve:

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Glen Morris
Saint George

  • glasses come out dirty or broken;
  • dishes are covered in water spots/residue etc.;
  • overfilling and leaking onto the floor;
  • won`t dry dishes;
  • smells bad;
  • won`t start/finish etc.

Preventing is better than cure. If a freezer is giving you problems, don`t choose to do repairs yourself. Of course, it can be cheaper, but just think about risk that you may run while fixing a damaged machine. If it sounds like a refrigerator is trying to work, but it won`t right correctly, then it is high time to contact us. Improper food storage is dangerous for your health. Skilled handymen in BrantFord will check your refrigerators for any torn pieces, jams and allien substances. We`ll look through a refrigerator carefully, and if any malfunction should be found out, qualified technicians are able to tackle the problem within hours or a couple of days. Prevent further damages by choosing us.

Well-functioning washers.  F.Q.A.R. appliances is specializing in first-class repairs of washing machines. Due to great experience and new equipment, a lot of device faults can be solved at one by us. You can rely on our support, if your washer:

  • won`t drain/spin/agitate;
  • vibrating or shaking;
  • fills slowly/fast/not at all;
  • leaking water;
  • making noise;
  • won`t start/finish;
  • won`t lock/open;
  • stops mid cycle.


No problems with dryers. And the last – but not least – important issue is fixing of poorly working dryers. There comes a time when the unexpected happens. You throw wet clothes in the dryer and return to find clothes as wet as they were. Does it sound familiar? From now on, you have an opportunity to get repairs of high quality and at affordable prices in your town. Are you getting interested? Then contact us via email or phone, schedule a visit and let certified professionals tackle a problem whenever you need. Quick response, skillful handymen and discounts are waiting for you in BrantFord!

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