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Nearby service.  The location of Burlington is convenient from the standpoint of tourists: on the one hand is the Ontario`s Lake and on the other hand – the Niagara Escarpment. But from the perspective of local residents the city lacks public amenities such as repairing services. F.Q.A.R. team of certified technicians decided to tackle this problem and provide access to professional technical support in the whole region, including Burlington and its surroundings. Henceforth, every Canadian will have an opportunity to get her or his household appliances repaired whenever needed. We are here for you 24/7. Be it weekend or holidays, you can count on us.

Equal opportunities. Unlike other fixing companies, F.Q.A.R. repairing service has opened offices not only in cities and downtowns, but also at remoted and sparsely populated rural area of Canada. We take care of every client and want to make sure that all have equal rights and opportunities. Our agents set affordable prices, so that everybody may take advantage of it. Forget about those incompetent and overpriced services. Burlington specialists are ready to improve image of repairing industry. Schedule a visit of a skilled electrician, and make certain that everything is real, when qualified repairmen get down to business.


List of services. F.Q.A.R. appliances team provides a full range of products. We carry out repairs of the following units:

  • washers;
  • dishwashers;
  • ovens;
  • freezes;
  • and dryers.

Other pieces of electric equipment can be fixed after previous arrangement only. Should any malfunction occur, contact us and get a quick solution to your problem. Our handymen perform:

  • repairs of any complexity degree;
  • common maintenance support;
  • upgrades;
  • expert diagnosis;
  • replacement of buttons/elements;
  • improving of functions;
  • finding individual solutions.

Our advantages. We work to the highest level of performance in order to satisfy every customer. Your appliances will get a new life and turn home chores into an enjoyable process.  If your wife complains about a washer or dryer, don`t procrastinate to get in touch with us. Save your money and nerves. We offer customer friendly booking and flexible schedule. Everything will be put up as you wish. Read reviews or ask friends about their impressions. You`ll see that our service is highly recommended throughout Canada.

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What can you expect:

  • well-equipped technicians;
  • full care of appliances;
  • competitive prices;
  • flexible appointments;
  • easy-to-use online tools;
  • warranty;

Get first-class repair. We appreciate your time and hassle. Within a matter of hours, you may have your appliances performing well again. Numerous Canadians can confirm that no other fixing team offers such transparent conditions as we do. Book an appointment online or call us right now. The best repair service is available at all times for your needs. F.Q.A.R. appliances will make your life in Burlington easier.

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