New approach to appliance fixing in Caledonia 

Open new opportunities.  Let’s rethink your attitude towards household devices and began to take a better care of them. F.Q.A.R. service center came finally to your town in order to provide technical support, which you deserve. Lack of competent repairmen and proper equipment has led to the upsetting situation, when every second device needs to be upgraded. We take this challenge and ready to deal with the most difficult tasks.

List of services. Proficient technicians and electricians in Caledonia are looking forward to performing:

  • upgrades;
  • diagnostic;
  • maintenance works;
  • any kind of repairs;
  • replacement of buttons and elements;
  • improving of functions;
  • or give professional advice.

What makes us special. Unlike other companies, our sophisticated team is aimed to offer its services not only in big cities, but also in smaller towns and its surroundings. Caledonia was selected not by chance. Requests and complaints of local residents couldn`t leave us indifferent. Your comfort and safety are top-priority to us. Our highest goal is to make every client be satisfied with quality and productivity of her/his appliances. And we are pretty confident to achieve it. Reviews from clients are the best proof of that we are on the right way.

Service Area

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Mt Healy
Empire Corners

What can be fixed. We have extensive experience in fixing of the following units: washers, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and dryers. Models and brand doesn`t play any role. Here we provide common examples of problems that can be tackled:

  • annoying noises and vibrations;
  • total breakdowns;
  • takes long to finish the cycle;
  • gets too hot or too cold;
  • timer won`t advance;
  • marks on dishes;
  • rusty cutlery;
  • water leaks;
  • not dispensing detergent;
  • false installation.

F.Q.A.R. experts are eager to face different faults. They can work efficiently even in a state of emergency and handle all malfunctions successfully. Rely on specialists and get machines performing at the same level as before.

Save money. Fixing costs can be estimated after previous diagnostic. Your wishes and specific preferences will be taken into account. There is also a discount system for loyal customers. From now, repairing services are affordable to anyone. Be it a student or a renter, he or she can have a peaceful sleep, because our agents will put up their washers and freezers at low charges quickly and efficiently. We adjust us to needs of clients in Caledonia.  Smart solutions can be found only here.

Beneficial conditions. The F.Q.A.R. repairing team offers prompt fixing at your home at favorable prices. We`ll check whether all safety requirements are met properly. Unless something is right, a skilled specialist may handle it during one visit. There is also an option to let your machine be fixed at our station. First-class result is guaranteed in any case. Schedule a visit via phone or email. Swift responses won`t keep you waiting. We appreciate your time and want you to appreciate it as well.

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