F.Q.A.R. fixing service in Cambridge 

New offices in Ontario region.  All technical problems with household appliances can be solved once and forever, because professionals are getting down to business in your region. The cosmopolitan city of Cambridge can boast about its new repairing service. F.Q.A.R. certified team of professionals is ready to support local population in all technical and electrical issues. No need to bring appliances to other cities anymore. Schedule a visit online or via phone and one of our agents will come over to your home. We are open 24/7. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Problems with washers? Our experts are here for you. As a result of constant overusing, heavy loads and low water quality, washing machines break down quite often. The most common faults are:

  • water won`t drain;
  • washer won`t run;
  • water isn`t pumping out;
  • basket is slow;
  • strange sounds/smells/vibrations etc.

You can get your washers repaired right now.


Freezer isn`t working as it should? All common issues, including frost and over-cycling, are likely to be fixed by F.Q.A.R. professionals fast and effective. Favorable fixing prices are affordable to anyone even with income below average. We`ll find solutions that don`t fall outside your comfort level. Choose to hire a professional. Be professional.

Any issue with the dryer? Call us or write an email with detailed information on your dryer. Quick responses and flexible appointment options are guaranteed. We carry out the following works:

  • replacement of buttons/elements;
  • major and minor maintenance jobs;
  • expert advise;
  • diagnosis;
  • full-upgrade;
  • repairs of all complexity levels.


Oven isn`t heating? Like any other electric appliance, ovens aren`t immune to break downs. There are so many ways in which a stove or oven can malfunction. But, fortunately, our proficient handymen in Cambridge know how to fix them. Forget about uneven cooking and inconsistent temperatures. Take advantage of professional repairs. Convenient location of service center enables us to provide support in all parts of the city.  You can count on us in emergency cases. Our specialists won`t keep you waiting.

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Sick of spots on dishes? We assure that can make your dishwasher functioning well again. Experts at the F.Q.A.R. service center in Cambridge have seen a lot. Washer models and brands are irrelevant to us. Entrust your household appliances to us and get:

  • skilled technicians;
  • inexpensive service;
  • warranty;
  • professional solutions;
  • satisfying result.

High quality and low prices. From now on, customer friendly service is available in Cambridge and its surroundings. It`s time to get used to first-class technical support. We`ll estimate fixing costs after preliminary diagnosis. Nice bonuses in the form of low prices and discounts are waiting for you. Be it a freshman or a renter. Every client will be pleased with our conditions. Booking an appointment has never been simpler before. Check it out yourself.

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