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Repair professionals nearby. F.Q.A.R. workmanship is committed to serving appliance owners with reliable service. Due to yearly experienced technicians and friendly customer agents, we became one of the most recommended services in the country. Residents of Concord (Ontario province) shouldn`t worry about their major household appliances any longer, because they are in safe hands of our certified specialists. Unlike our competitors, we give you the full price up front. So don’t hesitate to ask for help with any repair, maintenance or installation issue. For professional handymen, contact F.Q.A.R. appliances in your neighborhood via phone or email today.

Dryers repair & maintenance. Just like any other type of machine the dryer is prompt to breakages. Our preventative maintenance services are aimed to ensure that your appliance operates properly for longer years to come. Diagnostic the failure in a good time prevents costly expanses. Moreover, dryers that work efficiently can cut down electricity costs and save you money in the long run.

Washer service. When a washing machine fails to function at its peak, you are likely to experience a lot of inconvenience throughout the household. Our washer experts at F.Q.A.R. department know how it feels and are ready to put up your machine the same or next day. No matter how big or small the repair job is, we`ll take it. Customer satisfaction is #1 priority.

Get your dishwasher fixed by us. Just try to imagine, having to do washing-up after a big family dinner. Sounds not so good, does it? Especially when you have several children and a lot of other work to do. Concord handymen want to give every local resident the peace of mind offering dishwasher services with the best quality-price-ratio in the region. You deserve well-functioning dishwasher. Depend on professionals and get the machine up and running smoothly.

Oven & stoves. When it comes to restoring ovens or stoves, F.Q.A.R. appliances specialists are always here to help. Our team is trained in the most recent technology; hence we can maintain the latest models on a regular basis. We guarantee cost-effective repairs in a timely manner at any part of the town.

Freezers & fridges. Our experienced agents with a variety of skills take full responsibility for any fridge repair that they take on. Punctual repairmen will come to our apartments in Concord or its surrounding area at the scheduled time with a full line of parts for every common brand. It means that your freezers and refrigerators are going to get done already the first time. If any worn out element should be replaced, we`ll take care of it too.

Why us. But most importantly, if you choose our service company, you are guaranteed to enjoy:

  • 24/7 support;
  • expert advice;
  • fair pricing;
  • first class quality.

Don`t waste a moment. Find your trustworthy fixing partner for all technical needs today.

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