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The latest Dacor technologies for your home

Dacor appliances for your comfort

People always want to simplify their lives. Dacor helps them to make it possible. Individual design and high quality of Dacor appliances allow cooking, cleaning up and doing other home duties with pleasure. Dacor tries to follow the newest technologies and introduce them in their costumers’ lives. And intelligence of appliances is always connected with perfect appearance. That’s why Dacor is so popular all over the world among people of all ages and professions.

FQAR services to prevent damages

All appliances consist of elements which are potentially dangerous. FQAR technicians ensure proper maintenance that prevents different troubles. Our services are inexpensive and maximally professional. FQAR repairmen are knowledgeable and always look for the most favorable decisions. Moreover, our managers can estimate the volume of services and tell you a price at the same moment.  So you can rely on our company without doubts.

Dacor ovens repair

A stove is common for every kitchen. Quality of prepared food depends on an oven good condition directly. You should contact FQAR if your stove:

  • Makes strange sounds
  • Overheats
  • Has details that fall off
  • Doesn’t heat up to the necessary temperature

We will do everything we can to restore your appliance immediately. Just call us!

Dacor fridges fixing

Modern technologies give us a lot of opportunities. For example, in the twentieth century people couldn’t even think about freezing food. Although exactly this possibility improved an epidemiological situation in big and small cities. Preservation of products is very important. Refrigerators bring invisible safety and convenience in our life. But if your fridge need some fixing you can always contact us and FQAR will try to put in order.

Dacor washer maintenance

There a lot of things that are more interesting than laundry. Even cooking is pleasant and useful as compared with washing outfit. Dacor washers allow you to do things that you care more. They ensure:

  • Maximally clean clothes
  • Quick washing
  • Noiseless work
  • Effortless control
  • Efficient using of energy

And for right functioning of the appliance you can connect with our company. FQAR provides services you can be confident in.

Dacor dryers repair

If your dryer is not ready for work or it stopped working correctly, you should contact us without delay. Usually a dryer and a washer are designed as one appliance. But in case they are separated FQAR also can make regular check of both devices.

Dacor dishwashers restore

Can you imagine your life without a dishwasher? If you can’t you should care about it like about yourself. Constant replacement of details, proper washing, preventing of a rust appearance are several things from dishwasher maintenance check-list. Our handymen will help you with them. Phone us or write an email and we will discuss all the details.

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