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Entrust your appliances to qualified experts

Fridge Repair

Be attentive to your dryers. A dryer is a very important piece of equipment in our homes. Due to their utility people become very dependant on this modern device. That is why, a breakdown of dryer can cause frustration and inconvenience. Moreover, malfunctions of dryers can lead to dangerous fires. Beside this, you can see spikes in your energy bills, if your dryer does not operating efficiently. So if any problem occurs, schedule a repair appointment by «Local24Master appliances».

Certified team of professionals. Our highest goal is to provide customers with exceptionally good and inexpensive service. «Local24Master appliances» works only with qualified experts, because we realize how it is important to know, that a repairman won`t damage your favourite appliance. Our big repairing service consists of exclusively expert technicians.

Efficient service. Our company appreciates you time and provides only highly efficient services and professionals, who will show up on time and leave no trace behind. Our technicians will do even more that expected, paying attention to all details. So that, you will get your dryers in top shape very quickly. You will be certainly pleased with conscientious work and friendly repairmen.

Ease in making an appointment. With our online help, everyone can book a technician very fast. Our customers can also get free and informative consultations. It is possible to make a service appointment by email or phone. Our repairing service is here to provide perfect work of your dryer.

Personal approach. Below we created a list of common dryer faults. Together we will find the most suitable solution for you, if a dryer:

  • makes noise;
  • won`t run;
  • takes long to dry;
  • won`t shut off or shuts off to soon;
  • gets too hot or not enough heat;
  • the drum doesn’t spin;
  • timer won`t advance.

It doesn`t matter where you bought you dryer, what brand or model it is, we assure that our specialists will fix it. You can also get a quick diagnosis and proper solutions for any kind of problem.
Fridge Repair

Regular inspection. It is not necessarily to wait until your appliance gets out of order. We strongly advice to have your dryer checked at least once a year. You can order a routine checkup by one of our representatives throughout Canada. Our technicians will check all key and secondary components (switches, belts, heating elements, etc.). They will let you know whether something is defective. Even a brand new clothes dryer can let you down at the wrong time. 

Reliable partner. A dryer that does not work properly should be addressed straightway. Don`t put your life and health at risk. «Local24Master appliances» is the best option for smart and competent local repair and maintenance of home devices. You can count on us 24/7. Expert dryer technicians of Canada are always ready to support you. Your safety issues are top priority for us.

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