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Electrolux: perfect work for delightful results

Swedish inventions at your home

Electrolux is one of the leading company on the market for technologies. Its construction is so convenient that you shouldn’t care about almost anything. Their appliances are quiet and efficient. You have a possibility to control your devices on the distance just using your phone. Electrolux main idea is that you can create everything you want with appropriate help. And its appliances ensure this assistance for one hundred percent.

Maintenance you can trust

If there are any problems with your appliances FQAR is always ready to come up with help. Moreover, our professional team tries not to allow breaking down of your devices. FQAR company recommends every costumer to look after their appliances. But not every element is available for cleaning or changing at time. That’s why special maintenance is needed. And our company is exactly what you were looking for.

Electrolux washers repair

Clothes are more than just an accessory or a way to get warm. Our vestment is one more possibility to show the individuality, the lifestyle and make the magnificent first impression. So clothes must be more than just clean. The washers make your suits, jeans and t-shirts look gorgeous. But if your appliance is defective you may contact us night and day. FQAR will help you immediately!

Electrolux dryers restore

Electrolux dryers are very careful with all types of tissues. You can even use it for drying of silk and wool clothes and don’t think about what will happen after it. Nevertheless, there are several problems with this appliance that can disturb you:

  • A long time of drying
  • Annoying sounds
  • Not turning on
  • Ineffectual work

Don’t worry if you have such a trouble. Just call us and FQAR will solve any problem.

Electrolux dishwashers maintenance

Make your glasses and plates shine with reliable Electrolux dishwashers. Save your time for something more important with new technologies. And contact us if you notice:

  • Appearance of etching on dishware
  • That a dishwasher doesn’t fill water or isn’t running at all
  • Leaking
  • Presence of water on the bottom
  • Extra noise

Our repairmen usually reveal a problem and its solution at once.

Electrolux ovens fixing

Create new recipes and be confident in quality of your dishes using Electrolux stoves. Choose a model which will complement your kitchen perfectly. It will be your assistant for years with right maintenance. FQAR handymen guarantee proper work of your appliances thanks to regular inspections and replacement of details that stale in some time.

Electrolux fridges repair

Pick up a refrigerator due to your needs. Electrolux have a lot of kinds of fridges with freezers that will appropriate to the kitchen of all sizes. These fridges will keep your food crisp and ready to be served. And their freezers can preserve products that you are not going to use in the nearest time for months. These functions can be achieved only on condition that a refrigerator is in order. If not, please, call us without delay and FQAR will prepare your appliances to work in the proper way.

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