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Fisher & Paykel: forget about details

Turn chores into enjoyment

Fisher & Paykel is a big company that manufactures different appliances which are created to make your life easier. Since founding this firm has been trying to save time for more significant things. Using equipment of this company you can forget about routine duties that you hate to do. Every kind of homework will bring you pleasure. In addition, elegant design of all Fisher & Paykel appliances will make your home more comfortable and cozier.

Appliances need help too!

Devices that help you every day need to be well-groomed. Except regular cleaning of every kind of appliances, it must be checked out by specialists. FQAR is perfect for this purpose. Our professional team provides different services that will make life of your fridge, oven, washer and other devices longer. You can contact us in any favorable time using the easiest way for you.

Fisher & Paykel fridges repair

This New Zealand company created very convenient and affordable refrigerators. They ensure proper preserving and freezing of food. Sophisticated and considered design allows installation of the fridge in any type of kitchen. With time you can notice:

  • Bad smell from the fridge
  • Collecting of moisture on the inside of the freezer or fridge
  • Absence of water and ice
  • Cracking sounds from the motor
  • Extra freezing of products

These are the signs of a break. Our technicians can help to find a cause of it and solve it if you contact us.

Fisher & Paykel stoves restore

If you are looking for an oven that will make a process of cooking more enjoyable you should choose Fisher & Paykel. Its stoves ensure quick and safe preparing of different dishes. But you should not try to make food if your oven has signs of malfunction. FQAR warns you that it can lead to emergency situation. Forehanded control can prevent it. So don’t put off and contact us!

Fisher & Paykel washers fixing

How much time do you spend on washing clothes? With F&P washers you will spend even less! New intelligence technologies save your time without compromising quality of cleaning. Moreover, it is so noiseless that you don’t even notice it’s running. But if it changes and you start noticing an appearance of strange sounds or your dress is not so clear as it supposed to be, call us or send an email. Our repairmen will do everything to fix it.

Fisher & Paykel dryers maintenance

For a proper drying of your clothes you may buy Fisher & Paykel dryers. They ensure quick and quiet work with minimal using of energy. Dryers save your time, money and space. But it’s important to make regular examination of your appliances to preclude different damages. FQAR will help you anyway. Contact with us in case of the break-down or just for testing.

Fisher & Paykel dishwashers repair

Manufacturing of qualitative appliances is an achievement of Fisher & Paykel company. Dishwashers are not exceptions. This device will make your tableware shine with minimum of your efforts. Stated replacement of elements that stale can prolong your dishwasher’s life. Phone us and you will get needed help.

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