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Frigidaire: created to save your time and space

Durable appliances for everyone

Frigidaire appliances was created with idea to improve many lives. Daily innovations of this company please people who are looking for the last technologies connected with exquisite design. Beyond controversy, modern people cannot imagine their lives without kitchen and laundry appliances. And qualitative devices give an opportunity not to worry about chores too much time.

FQAR never lets you down

If something bad happens with your appliances and you don’t know what to do you’d better contact our service center. Our conversant specialists will consultant you and answer all your questions. They also will give you recommendations concerning appliances’ handling you can ensure and FQAR professional maintenance. Don’t let your money down and use our services to save your home equipment.

Frigidaire washers repair

Washers are very convenient for all people. Especially, a big modern family can’t do without it. A large amount of clothes can scare anyone, but Frigidaire washers can handle it. Their advantage is that these washers are extremely reliable. However, even so longeval appliances can break down. You can see with the naked eye that your washer:

  • Leaks
  • Makes nasty sounds
  • Doesn’t clean dress well
  • Doesn’t turn on
  • Stays closed after the end of washing
  • Does not fill with water

In that case you should call us and we will figure it out!

Frigidaire dryers fixing

Dryers are no less important now. Correct drying ensures prolonged time of using favorite clothes. This appliance also saves your time and space which is very beneficial for small apartment owners. As any electrical device dryer can get out of order. At this moment you may connect with us in any comfortable way. Our repairmen will come up no matter where you live.

Frigidaire ovens maintenance

Stoves perform very important function at the kitchen. Everything else becomes needless without an oven. That means you should care about it properly. Don’t delay if you notice that your stove:

  • Overheats
  • Sparks
  • Doesn’t start or stop working
  • Smells of gas

Call us immediately to prevent unexpected effects and our technicians will help you on word.

Frigidaire fridges repair

A good refrigerator functions in two directions: the first one is to preserve food and prevent bacterial growth and the second one is to maintain a great part of vitamins and microelements in different products. Frigidaire has got such a view. That’s why its fridges are irreproachable for people who have useful lifestyle. All advantages will be canceled if the fridge breaks down. And in this situation you can contact us and our team will support you.

Frigidaire dishwasher maintenance

As any other appliances a dishwasher is necessary at every kitchen. It facilitates your life and cares about purity of your dishes. It is not very complicated in cleaning: you just need to wash it at least once a month. But you are not able to clean up inside the machine. You need a special man for this purpose. FQAR offers you regular maintenance of appliances or quick fixing if there are some damages. Our handymen can fix any appliances. So call us or send an email!

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