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Make your life easier

GE manufactures a lot of appliances’ kinds. Beginning with saving-place laundry units to speedcook ovens GE products are worthy of your trust. With purchasing new appliances for your home you should think about sizes and space management, energy efficiency and needed capacity. And thanks to efforts of this company your decision will always be right. You can be sure in its quality and fair prices.

Don’t worry about maintenance

Using services of FQAR company you shouldn’t think about if your appliances are damaged. Our handymen will work hard to ensure proper work of your fridge, oven and washer. After contacting us, our team will take all responsibilities from installation to timely fixing on our shoulders. Furthermore, our consultants will estimate our services so you will know the cost beforehand.

GE fridges repair

Do you doubt about choosing a suitable refrigerator for your kitchen? General Electronics offers you different variants of this appliance. With the latest features and advances it’s not hard to select a fridge with a freezer that will fit in perfectly. The biggest distinction is the door arrangement. It can be:

  • French door
  • side-by-side
  • bottom
  • traditional
  • doors with additional convenience options for people with special needs

All these types have a similarity: they need a good maintenance. Call FQAR and your fridge will be fine all the time!

GE dishwashers service

Compact dishwashers will save place on your kitchen and your time that you can spend on your own needs. GE dishwashing machines surprise with their capacity. Even after a big party, you won’t have to lose time washing dishware by your hands. Unfortunately, some details of this appliance can stale. To prevent this trouble, you should contact with us and our specialists will give recommendations how to save it or rectify a malfunction.

General Electronics oven fixing

Whether you are preparing a sophisticated holiday meal or a simple omelet, GE ovens will meet all of your many needs. What are the advantages of this company stoves? Here they are:

  • perfect backing
  • self-clean with steam which is convenient and quick
  • phone control
  • practical sizes
  • notification lighting

These functions are extremely useful. In case if an oven stops carrying them out you may access to FQAR. Our repairmen will find out what went wrong and fix it.

GE washers repair

If you value your time resources, you must have a qualitative washer. It does an unpleasant part of your chores. You can work or take a nap while your garment is becoming tidy. Nowadays, appliances allow to economize your money because cleanliness of your clothes doesn’t depend on washer is running a cycle on a full or a small load. But if a washer doesn’t remove heavy soils you should contact us to solve this problem.

GE dryers restore

A large-capacity dryer can handle all your laundry with minimal energy consumption. In addition, drying with this appliance can extend life of you dress. It prevents reshaping of delicates and woolen sweaters, so you can be sure in longevity of your favorite clothes. If there is any accident with your dryer, just call FQAR!

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