Professional repair services in Georgetown 

Price, quality, time. Most appliances often malfunction because they aren’t cared properly. If one of them breaks down, it throws the household into an uproar. In both cases F.Q.A.R. appliances fixing company is the one-call solution to your problems. Our department in Georgetown, Ontario province, provides every customer with an array of services paying attention to each small detail. So, whenever one of your appliances starts acting up, don`t waste a moment. Simply call or email our agents 24/7 and get:

  • exclusive service;
  • upfront pricing;
  • repairs in time fashion.

Dishwasher repairs. If you’ve noticed that your dishes are not getting clean enough or the dishwasher is making unusual noises, our experts at F.Q.A.R. appliances department are always readily-available for you. Well-equipped technicians are able to get the job done right the first time. You’ll know exactly an estimate of your repairs before the repairmen goes ahead with the work. We are poised to handle even most challenging breakages. Your dishwasher is in safe hands of responsible agents.

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Scotch Block
Halton Hills

Dryer repairs. The clothes dryer provides your family with a great deal of convenience. But unfortunately, we usually take their job for granted until they quit working smoothly. Dryer specialists in Georgetown can prevent it by carrying our regular diagnostic. Still, if the machine has already broken down, we are able to back it in operation again. Rest assured knowing that our trustworthy teams will make every effort to match your needs.

Oven & stove repairs. When it comes to ensuring kitchen conveniences, our trained handymen is what you need. They excel in installation, restore and review services. Brands or models don`t matter. F.Q.A.R. professionals are familiar with all major manufacturers. Don’t let oven or stove failures ruin your family dinners. Hire one of our skilled handymen to get it working properly. Affordable prices and smart solutions are guaranteed.

Washer repairs. Washing machines have made laundry very convenient. However, when any sign of malfunctioning comes out, you need to schedule a service visit without delay. For professional washer diagnostic, you`ve come to the right spot. F.Q.A.R. certified agents can identify the problem quickly and recommend the correct course of actions. With your approval, they`ll carry out necessary fixing, replace worn out parts and improve the level of performance.


Fridge & freezer repairs. Due to our superior level of fridge service we`ve built numerous long-lasting relationships with local residents. Georgetown workmanship fix a wide range of refrigerator problems. From leakages to accumulation of water, no work is either too big or too small for us. We are aimed at exceeding your expectations. Call us at your earliest convenience. Our representative will inform you about our extensive line of advantages. We`ll go to great length to get your appliances function like new again.

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