Agile service that adapts to your needs 

Recommended service in your region. As the most densely-populated metropolitan area in Canada, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) needs a reliable local service for all technical issues. F.Q.A.R. appliances service is ready to offer its exclusive services at competitive prices to all local communities. The best quality-to-price ratio is guaranteed. Get in touch with our courteous customer agents via phone or email today. We deliver support 24/7 offering:

  • upfront pricing;
  • punctual experts;
  • well-though-of repairs;
  • home safety.

Dishwasher repair & installation. Improper installed dishwashers can cause fire and flood in your homes. In order to avoid damages and expenses consider hiring a certified technician at F.Q.A.R. service center. Our experienced workmanship excels in dishwasher maintenance and repair of all major makes and models. If you`d like to cut down on waste and spend less on water, our handymen in GTA are always ready to help. Upgrade your homes with dishwashers that work at peak performance. 

Is your washer leaking? Don`t hesitate a moment. Leaking washers can be a sign that there are other problems, which can be more dangerous and costly to repair. By calling us, you ensure hassle-free laundry for many years to come. For more information, check out our Website or ask our friendly customer agents at F.Q.A.R. department.

Expert oven repairs. We solve not only general oven issues, but also deliver emergency support whenever needed. Don’t wait. F.Q.A.R. service is the one-call solution for broken stoves, ranges and ovens. Entrusting your major cooking appliances to professionals, you are guaranteed to get them up and running well as quickly as possible. We have the skills and expertise to do any technical or electrical job correctly. Enjoy the benefits of good working ovens without the headache that your meal will be burnt.

Up-to-day fridge & freezer maintenance. Upgrading and regular maintenance prevent fridge owners from disturbing noises, smells, leaks and other common refrigerator issues. Courteous repairmen at F.Q.A.R. appliances are fully insured in order to provide worry-free improvement, restore, review, etc. With years of experience, our professionals know how to approach freezers safely. Have peace of mind, when we come down to business. Smart solutions at competitive quotes are waiting for you in GTA.

Can`t find time to get your dryer fixed?  Then our in-home repair experts will pick up the dryer or arrive at your home. They`ll inspect your machine and if the problem isn`t big – fix it during the first visit. Unless some worn out parts should be replaced, we`ll take care of it. In this case, however, repairs require more time. Our trained handymen make every effort to carry out fixing with minimum downtime, because they realize that this appliance is essential in your daily routine.

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