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Discover more possibilities of your appliances with Hotpoint

Don’t waste your time for home duties

Hotpoint has been manufacturing convenient and affordable appliances for years. Its fresh view on design and functioning of home devices ensures irreproachable execution of work. Hotpoint has a wide range of appliances’ forms, sizes, colors and prices. You can fit your kitchen with an exquisite fridge, oven and dishwasher. Hotpoint costumers never regret about their purchase and you will not!

FQAR is the right choice

Trying to save your appliances you can spare them with using only in the floor of force. And it doesn’t make no sense! You buy appliances in order to save your time and your forces. To prolong exploitation of equipment you just can use FQAR services. Our well-educated technicians implement:

  • Initial installation
  • Needed care
  • Replacement of details
  • Necessary repair

Choose our company and enjoy your life!

Hotpoint washers mending

If you care about your clothes condition you should use a washing machine that is able to tackle the most severe stains. Hotpoint washers can remove:

  • Oil
  • Wine, coffee, tea and other drinks
  • Soil
  • Blueberries, strawberries, currant etc.
  • Chocolate
  • Pen and markers
  • Toothpaste

Of course good washing also depends on type of detergent you use. But you can be sure in qualitative work of Hotpoint washer if it has no damages. In last case, FQAR is ready to help you when you call us.

Hotpoint dryers refit

Are you tired of line drying? Then you need a dryer for sure. Modern dryers are equipped with different technologies like crease reduction and anti-stain technology. Laundry appliances allow to have perfectly clean and dry garment. If it breaks down FQAR repairmen will come and fix it without delay. Our departments are located all over Canada. Contact us and discover the nearest to you.

Hotpoint fridges maintenance

Right food preserving ensures your safety and money saving. Hotpoint refrigerators are valued for their innovations and energy efficiency. Besides, freezers of this company are also very comfortable for people who have a big family and save food for a long time. Quantity of these appliances work directly depends on their condition. You should regularly have a check-out of your fridge to feel certain about it. And you can rely on FQAR handymen in that. Contact us and forget about troubles.

Hotpoint ovens fixing

Cooking became a bothersome duty nowadays. But with Hotpoint ovens’ technologies you will fall in love with cooking again. A great range of stoves allows choosing exactly what you need. Hotpoint offers electric, gas and steam ovens of different styles and sizes. They have self-cleaning technology including pyrolytic and hydrolytic which is useful for busy people. But with first signs of breaking you need to call FQAR immediately to prevent more serious consequences.

Hotpoint dishwashers restore

Everyone appreciates dishwashers for their benefits. They ensure ideal clean of tableware in least of time and with minimal energy bills. Don’t delay if your dishwashing machine stops to work correctly. Call FQAR and our specialists will help you.

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