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Do what you like

Nowadays, you can reduce time for home duties thanks to existence of appliances that were created to minimize your efforts. Using Inglis home equipment you will have the best results with no additional forces. Neither you need to wash and dry your clothes, cook meals or make your tableware clean, Inglis assistants may do it instead of you. Moreover, an initial design of its products fit in any house or flat.

More comfort for you

FQAR services are renowned for its availability, quickness and quality. It’s easy to contact with us in any comfortable for you way. Our specialists estimate a condition of your appliances and make up a plan of handling. FQAR gives you an opportunity to use your appliances without thinking about breaking. So call us or send an email to get a consultation.

Inglis ovens repair

A good condition of your stove is very important for making delicious dishes. Modern stoves are equipped with many useful features like:

  • Control on distance
  • Smart timers
  • Self-cleaning
  • Energy efficiency

That’s all connecting with incredibly convenient design allow cooking with no hassles. Surely, if you don’t care about your oven it won’t correctly with time. In that case, you might contact us and receive our support.

Inglis fridges maintenance

A fridge is one of the most important appliances at the kitchen. Its function of preserving different food gives a possibility to make meals once at two, three days and even at week. But appearance of leaking or extra noise suggest about some defect. For FQAR repairmen it is not complicated to fix it. Just call us and you will get our help.

Inglis washers refit

There is no need to wash clothes by hands in the twenty first century. Current washers have such features as:

  • Choosing options of washing according to fabric kind
  • Anti-rust technologies
  • Convenient control panel
  • Reduction in noise

All the pluses are present at the Inglis washing machine. This appliance guarantees maximal convenience and cleanliness of your outfit. If there are any problem with your washer, you always can request FQAR. Our team will examine your device and find the reason. And, of course, we will restore it to ideal state.

Inglis dryers fixing

For having a good look, you should have tidy clothes. Inglis anti-stain and reduction creases technologies ensure your tidiness. Furthermore, Inglis dryer will perfectly fit in any room. And FQAR can extend life of your appliances. It would be cheaper for you to contact us and receive right maintenance and receive right maintenance or repair services than buy a new dryer in the future.

Inglis dishwasher restore

If you are interested in saving your money and time, Inglis dishwashing machines will be perfect for you. A dishwasher can make your tableware clean with minimum of energy and water. So using this appliance you don’t have to worry about your bills. And in case of damage FQAR handymen are willing to provide refit anytime. Call us and relief your life with our services!

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