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Work for people.  The city of Innerkip invites you to explore for more details about local attractions, events and even more than that. You can experience extraordinary quality of life in this small and comfortable community. One may ask: what makes it so special? The answer is evident. There is a team of professional technicians, who work 24/7 without holidays and weekends in order to provide convenience in every house in this region. F.Q.A.R. appliances service wants to make sure that all household devices perform well and satisfy needs of their owners.

Target audience. We are her to break stereotypes about fixing services. F.Q.A.R.`s certified handymen will prove that repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently even at your house. Due to flexible price politic, repairing works became affordable. Be it a sophomore or a pensioner, every can book a service at sharp price. Stop suffering from machine malfunctions or fixing appliances on your own.  Both can be dangerous and surely unpleasantly. Qualified repairmen are ready to perform dirty work instead of you and save your family budget. Our highest goal is to provide access to qualified technical support for all Canadians.

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What do we fix? Handymen in Innerkip and its surroundings gained a reputation as skilled and competent. They provide maintenance jobs of all complexity degrees. If any problem with electrical appliances should appear, make an appointment with our college. All common brands and models are repairable by us. We are able to tackle major and minor malfunctions of:

  • freezers;
  • dryers;
  • ovens;
  • washers;
  • and dishwashers.

We strongly recommend not to try carrying out repairs yourself. Risk of getting injuries and provoking fire is too high, because of voltage running through electric appliances. Entrust devices to professionals and have a peaceful sleep.

Our advantages:

  • proficient technicians;
  • friendly customer service;
  • best quality-to-price ratio;
  • easy-to-use website;
  • transparent conditions;
  • beneficial location;

From now on, you can decide, where and when your appliance should be upgraded or fixed. We adjust us to your wishes and provide expert advice if needed. Every client is important. You are important to us. Innerkip professionals take into account every recommendation and keep constantly improving themselves. Here you`ll find a reliable partner for long years.

Save money and nerves. Forget those long hours of waiting until an electrician will come lastly to your flat and take a look at machine. F.Q.A.R. technicians in Innerkip and throughout Ontario region are punctual and won`t keep their customers waiting. We realize that improper working machines can be dangerous and thus react swiftly in cases of emergency. We appreciate you time and want to make certain that all safety requirements are met properly. Booking a visit has never been simpler before. Check it out. Call us or send an email. Quick responses and flexible timetable are guaranteed.

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