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Jenn-Air: improve your home

Appliances with individual design and infallible work

Jenn-Air company offers appliances that you will fall in love with. An appearance of all its goods is designed to fit in perfectly in your life. All Jenn-Air appliances ere equipped with the latest technologies and allows to save your time and forces. Moreover, you will be pleased with quantity of work irrespective of its difficulty.

Rely on FQAR

FQAR provides services that your appliances need. We require from our workers:

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Intelligence
  • Ingenuity
  • Professional courtesy

With such personality traits our team guarantees the best results in installation, maintenance and mending of appliances. Our services are inexpensive and available in any needed point. We do everything with a smile and expect for yours.

Jenn-Air ovens service

Everyone who knows a little about cooking, understand that without a good oven it’s complicated to make a meal that you want. With Jenn-Air stoves you will not make common dishes but masterpieces every day. Besides, with their function of self-cleaning you can forget about this duty. But don’t forget about regular oven’s examination. At first, your oven condition can influence on taste of your meals. Secondly, it is a danger for you and your family. Give us a call and we won’t allow any damages threaten you!

Jenn-Air fridges fixing

FQAR realizes that no one can imagine life without a refrigerator. And it is not strange! Preserving food is one of possibilities that was given us by technical progress and it improved and simplified our lives. Jenn-Air fridges are not only multifunctional machines they also are designed in the best way and can beautify your kitchen. You can choose its:

  • Size
  • Form
  • Type of the doors
  • Style
  • Color
  • The presence of freezer

And after buying you can contact FQAR to ensure professional maintenance of your devices including installation, replacement of details and restore.

Jenn-Air dishwasher mending

It’s hard to refute dishwashers’ convenience. Isn’t it nice to relax after a delicious dinner instead of washing a plenty of dishes. With a dishwashing machine you can enjoy your rest without thoughts about tableware. And in case of breaking of your appliance you can always rely on FQAR handymen. Send us an email or call us and we will come to help you.

Jenn-Air washers repair

Jenn-Air washing machines are equipped with all necessary intelligent technologies that you can only imagine. Don’t doubt about purchase of a washer if you still haven’t got it. Your laundry will be ideal clean even if it has the toughest stains. You are able to spend your time watching films or reading a favorite book while your clothes becomes tidy. However, if something goes wrong with your appliance use our services. Contact us and you will get professional consultation and assistance in a couple of hours.

Jenn-Air dryers refit

Having a good washer is only a half of good-looking outfit. It’s important to dry correctly. Line drying is not effective. It uses too much time and space. And clothing has a lot of creases and can also stain after it. Jenn-Air dryers prevent it. If your they work in the floor of force, you shouldn’t delay and connect with us. We will find a tackle quickly to ease your life.

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