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Are you tired of home duties? You won’t worry about it anymore with Kenmore appliances. This company does everything possible to make their consumers’ life delightful. Different sizes, colors and styles of appliances give an opportunity to pick up perfect filling for your home. You will be pleased with efficiency and convenience of Kenmore products and will never regret about your purchase.

Solving your problems using our experience

FQAR is a company that consists of people who will help you with pleasure if it is necessary. And our team thinks that it’s better to prevent damages than to fix them. Thanks to good maintenance you can use your appliances for years. It means that making a regular examination and a replacement of outworn details you can prolong their exploitation time. So you just need to connect with our specialists and get an initial consultation to start our partnership!

Kenmore dishwasher fixing

If you want to have ideally clean dishes, you can waste hours of you free time for this task or buy a dishwasher instead. Kenmore dishwashing machines are inexpensive and qualitative, so you can fail to think of this duty. But with the first features of malfunction you should require for help. Here these features are:

  • Leaking
  • The presence of stains on dishware after washing
  • Too much noise till running
  • Problems with opening or clothing the door

FQAR repairmen are able to find an initial reason and fix your appliance. Just call us if you have a problem.

Kenmore washers repair

Make a right decision choosing Kenmore washing machines. They put together refined design and the latest technologies which allow removing the most severe spots from your clothing. And you spend on this little time. FQAR can recommend you how to clean and protect your washer for its renewal. In case of breaking down our handymen can restore it in almost one hundred percent. You don’t have to overpay because our services are affordable for everyone. Call us and find out the details!

Kenmore dryers mending

Never decrease an importance of correct drying of clothes. After all, if your t-shirt or jeans will shrink or stretch out, you will never wear it again. That’s why, good dryer will save your money and the best dress right after the first washing. And FQAR will figure out problems with your appliance if they arise. You can send an email or phone us.

Kenmore ovens refit

Kenmore specialists do their best to give you a possibility to make delicious food for your family. Stoves of this company is well-known for their:

  • Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Easy control
  • Flawless design

If you have any problem with your stove you should immediately contact us! FQAR will examine it and find a solution.

Kenmore fridge maintenance

No one wants to waste products. Reliable refrigerators ensure proper preserving of food. Kenmore fridges and freezers are created to save not only food, but all useful elements of it. With right maintenance your fridge will continue doing this for years. To protect it from different damages you may rely on us. Call FQAR and get a consultation.

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