Kitchener`s repairmen are getting down to business 

Henceforth in your city.  Although a lovely city of Kitchener with its small downtown isn`t the capital of Canada, it was chosen to be a new repairing center of household equipment. F.Q.A.R. appliances company is able to fix any technical problem – from challenging breakdowns to replacement of buttons. After years of offering technical support, we`ve built out a strong and reliable team of professionals, who are ready to handle the most common household issues. Numerous Canadians have already experienced our services. Read reviews and get detailed information on our website. Prevent possible breakdowns by booking a regular checking. 

Have no fear! From now on, residents of Kitchener may enjoy the opportunity to have the following appliances repaired and working well again:

  • freezers;
  • ovens;
  • dishwashers;
  • washers;

These pieces of equipment attracted our attention not by accident. They run continuously, so it is actually not amazing that they break down quite frequently. When a freezer or a dishwasher is malfunctioning, their owner may face a high repair bill and long days of waiting for help. But don`t worry, F.Q.A.R. service is unlike other competitors on the fixing market. We save your time and money. Hassle-free repairs are possible with us.

Aimed at long-term partnership. F.Q.A.R.`s technicians continually develop their skills in order to provide superior customer service, which includes:

  • transparent account management;
  • unbeatable pricing;
  • money back guarantee;
  • anytime support;
  • easy scheduling;
  • product diversity.

Forget about smells, rattles or machine leaks. A model or brand is irrelevant to us. Specialists in Ontario region will cut negative effects of dysfunctional machines and safe home comfort.

All inclusive. Having troubles with configuring or maintaining any piece of electrical appliance properly? The F.Q.A.R. fixing team in Kitchener will cover every client with an array of services:

  • expert diagnosis;
  • professional advises and solutions;
  • quick repair;
  • upgrade;
  • replacement of elements;
  • improving of functions;
  • check out of safety requirements etc.

Service Area

New Dundee

If you have a broken machine, we`ll fix it in no time at all. Our colleagues adjust their schedules to your and make a visit whenever needed. Due to convenient location, the service area covers surroundings of Kitchener too. You may choose whether to bring a machine to the repair station or to have it fixed at home. Clever options for conscious owners can be found here.

Be careful. Remember that a do-it-yourself approach can be dangerous. Those appliances, which were wrongly installed or carry out tasks incorrect, put your and others lives at risk. That`s why the best choice to trust electrical jobs to professional repairmen. We won`t keep you waiting. Simple contact us online or by phone and we`ll provide whatever help you need 24/7/365. Loyal clients will be pleased with discount system and flexible appointments.

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