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Xpert appliance service in Kleinburg. F.Q.A.R. appliance fixing company is specializing in reliable servicing of major household devices providing:

  • array of services;
  • courteous customer staff;
  • trustworthy handymen;
  • easy booking;

Instead of purchasing new expensive appliances, invest in repairs of the older ones. We guarantee quick responses at all time. Our agents are well-equipped to ensure the highest level of performance. For a fast and reliable repair in a time fashion, get in touch with our local representatives in Kleinburg. Give us a call or email. The customer agent on the other side of the line can inform your about services.

Dishwasher service. Modern housewives and housemen cannot imagine their kitchen without this essential appliance. Dishwashers is a real time- and hassle-saver. They help keep your dishes clean and sparkling. However, when they start acting up, you may face unpleasant chores. Fortunately, F.Q.A.R. team is here to diagnose your device and suggest an appropriate course of actions. If you’re experiencing any failure with your dishwasher, don`t waste a moment. Simply contact with our trained professionals.

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Refrigerator & freezer. When a fridge or freezer is malfunctioning, you can`t but feel inconvenience. We understand the degree of dependability on this appliance. That`s why our workmanship works 24/7. Sophisticated technicians in Kleinburg are ready to tackle any fridge breakage in no time. Your delicious food won`t go bad any longer. We serve all common brands and models –whether in your or our facilities.

Washer repair. Residents of Ontario province including the village of Kleinburg can have the peace of mind knowing that washer experts are nearby. With our numerous service stations throughout Canada, we are able to cover all residential needs of our clients. If you need technical help, hire one of our trustworthy repairmen. Recommended washer specialists can take care of your machines.

Stove & oven. If you prefer having home-made food, then stove and oven are loyal partners in the household. When they don`t work properly, the family dinner is in jeopardy. But the good news is that any stove malfunction can be solved efficiently by our committed staff. If you want to get your appliance back in operation, just let us know. We`ll provide you with hassle-free service at affordable rates.

Dryer repair. Don’t rush to replace the older dryer with a newer one. Let knowledgeable experts at F.Q.A.R. service department in Kleinburg take a look at your broken machine. We excel in dryer maintenance – whether small or big. Certified specialists are able to get your drying unit up and running smoothly the same or following day. If any part should be replaced, we have a broad line of tools and spare parts. We`re pretty sure that can fully meet your expectations.

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