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Innovative and high-performance appliances that LG company manufactures are famous all over the world. They specialists always find out the latest technologies and introduce them successfully to our houses. Even the most boring duties with LG becomes interesting and effortless. Due to it you can enjoy being at home without any bother.

Get FQAR help

Are you pleased with your appliances’ condition? If you are not, you totally need FQAR repair company! Our specialists are recommended by all our clients. Read reviews and you will see that FQAR is appreciated for its professionalism, different skills and wash to help you in any situation. Don’t doubt if you buy an appliance and don’t know what to do next. Contact us and get our assistance.

LG fridge mending

LG fridges are very good choice for those who want stylish and efficiency appliances for kitchen. Different kinds of refrigerators that LG offers will suit any cook room. They have got a lot of other advantages like:

  • Making-ice function
  • Control of temperature
  • Quiet work of the compressor
  • Convenient inside design
  • Freezers of different capacity and sizes

If your fridge isn’t all right lately you may call us and our repairmen will figure out what is wrong with your fridge and fix it.

LG ovens repair

Did you feel the gas or see some spark at the kitchen? You must immediately call us! It’s very dangerous and requires professional services. Our workmen can come day and night without delay. And to prevent such emergency situations your stove must be examined at least once in a quartet of a year. That is what we do. For more information, contact us!

LG dishwasher fixing

If you are tired with a generous amount of dishes every day, dishwashing machine is for you. It gives you a possibility to dome some pleasant things till your tableware is cleaning up. Moreover, LG dishwasher are extremely easy in using. You need only to load dinnerware to it and take it out. You will be surprised with cleanliness that is ensured by new age technologies. But if it stops to work properly you must care about it. Call us and our handymen will restore it carefully for the lowest price.

LG washers maintenance

LG offers a wide range of qualitative washers. Their common features are:

  • Their intelligence
  • Comfortable control
  • Washing modes that befit to different fabrics
  • Noiseless washing
  • Ideal removing of stains

You will never regret about purchase of LG appliances. And FQAR will continue work of these appliances as long as we can. Are you interested in it, then call us!

LG dryer refit

Don’t refuse yourself in buying an appliance that can simplify your life. A dryer is one of them. Its features and energy efficiency allows to save your money and efforts for your family and rest. FQAR also tries to do the same. We provide affordable services of maintenance and fixing in the shortest time. Send an email or phone us for a consultation.

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