Appliances repair provider in Maple 

Convenience & value. If there are any technical issue with the dryer, washer, dishwasher, fridge or oven, we`ll provide you with a great deal of convenience, fixing all breakages in no time. If you live in Maple, Ontario province, or the surrounding areas, then hiring one of our certified specialists will be the right choice. Our services are recommended by numerous Canadians. We deliver emergency help offering:

  • accurate diagnostic;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • hassle-free repairs;
  • proper installation;
  • restore;

Our highest goal is to provide all families with well-functioning appliances. We won`t let you down at crucial moment. For fast, professional and inexpensive repairs, contact your local F.Q.A.R. department via phone or email.

Save precious time & money. F.Q.A.R. service team works around client`s busy schedule. Every customer can make a fixing appointment at his/her earliest convenience. Whether in your or our facilities, we make every effort to finish the work as soon as possible without affecting the quality. Trained experts figure our causes of the problem and eliminate all failures efficiently. Unlike other unfair repairmen, our agents avoid unnecessary repairs in order to save your family budget. If any part should be replaced, they`ll take care of it for you. We stand behind each work to ensure that all residential needs are met properly. A reduction in the usual price is real after a few repairs.

Service Area

Richmond Hill

Problems & solutions. Only when one of your household machines starts malfunctioning, you realize how important it is for you. Fortunately, residents of Maple can rest assured, because the readily-available F.Q.A.R. workmanship is always here to put up their appliances. From small to big failures – rely on our reputable colleagues. We are familiar with all common problems, e.g. if the appliance:

  • won`t start/turn off;
  • makes noises/vibrates
  • isn`t heating up/freezing/drying;
  • takes long to finish the cycle;
  • water is leaking out/ fills slowly;
  • door won`t close completely, etc.

These and other common failures may appear quite unexpectedly. But don`t worry. We have the expertise to handle it. Brands and models don`t matter.

5 more reasons to choose us. If you still having doubts in our service station, then look through this list of advantages. Everyone can take benefit of:

  • expert advice for free;
  • inexpensive testing;
  • wide choice of services;
  • around the clock support;
  • easy booking.

Upfront pricing. Be sure, you won`t find hidden charges in the final bill. Our committed staff in Maple will let you know an estimate of the repairs that are going to be completed before a handyman opens its tool box. Only with your approval, our professionals will start the work. For more details regarding services and pricing, get in touch with our customer agents. You`ll definitely get clear answers and all the information you need. Check out our Website and multiple favorable reviews. We are your reliable partner for long years to come.

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