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Appliances created to handle all your daily chores

Maytag company is appreciated all over the world for its qualitative and durable appliances. Its consumers’ convenience is the primary right of Maytag. It’s achieved by incomparable capacity, irreproachable safety and faultless control. So if you’re going to buy new appliances for your home, you should totally choose Maytag.

Find out the right way to care your appliances

FQAR service company is always ready to figure out all your problems connected with your home devices. Even severe damages can be repaired in couple of hours with our professional and competitive workmen. Our handyman will appear as fast as he can and do everything possible to return your comfort.

Maytag fridges refit

If you have the Maytag fridge you know that it has got a lot of advantages. These refrigerators are:

  • Efficient
  • Comfortable in using
  • Soundless
  • Reliable
  • Multifunctional
  • Beauteous

All models are equipped by freezers and ice-makers. However, you can’t be absolutely sure in what you bought. There is always a possibility that something can break down and it is not your fault or fault of the manufacturer. To prevent unexpected worries, you may request for FQAR help. Our specialists will do proper maintenance or fixing. Call us for more information.

Maytag ovens restore

Can you cook on fire? That was common for our ancestors, but a modern man shouldn’t do it every day. With an appearance of stoves, you just can buy food, put it in an oven and enjoy a dinner in ten minutes. And it doesn’t matter if you have gas or electric stove, you need to look after it with caution. You should understand that an oven is potentially unsafe, so only trained repairmen can examine and, of course, repair it. For this purpose, FQAR was founded. Contact us and we will make an appointment.

Maytag dishwashers fixing

Maytag cares about its customers. Its dishwashing machines are the best proves of that. They have such features as energy efficiency, rapid work and one hundred percent dependability. You will be impressed by cleanliness of your tableware and simplicity of these appliances using. But in case you have some problems with your dishwasher running, you can call us and our handymen will solve them.

Maytag washer maintenance

If you are fastidious in choosing of your appliances, you can rely on Maytag. Their washers are perfect for any type of fabric and clothes thanks to having different washing modes. With these washing machines you can be not afraid for:

  • Wool sweaters
  • Silk underclothes
  • Outerwear with fluff
  • Colorful dress
  • Clothes for sensitive children

Save your favorite things, but don’t forget about your washer’ maintenance. For good work of an appliance you should check it out at least every year. Contact us and use FQAR services!

Maytag dryers repair

Dryers are very useful for prudent people. Their ability to save your space and money can conquer everyone. Despite Maytag reliability, your dryer can stop work properly. That’s why timely checkup and replacement of details are extremely important. Don’t delay and call our technicians for saving your appliances.

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