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Miele: handleless design for your perfect style

Feel the difference

Miele is a company which innovative design decisions have conquered consumers all over the world. Its seamlessly unique appliances will amaze you too. Their fridges, ovens, dishwashers save space and make your kitchen harmonious and fascinating. That’s all connect with absolutely convenient touch control of all devices. You will not be able to resist these appliances.

Don’t repair, just preclude damages!

FQAR team sticks out for preventing damages. Like with man’s health, appliances need to be examined after some time of using. You shouldn’t delay it, because if damage is not revealed, it will be more complicated and more expensive to fix it with time. FQAR are available and qualitative. Our constant clients get discounts and know that we always do our best to make you feel comfortable.

Miele fridges restore

Fridges and freezers made by Miele are easy in use and provide perfect storage conditions for different products like:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Cream desserts
  • Meat and fish
  • Dairy products

If your refrigerator doesn’t work properly, you may use our services. FQAR repairmen will figure out what the problem and find out a solution.

Miele ovens fixing

If you expect from your stove unconditional convenience and irreproachable performance of its functions, you totally need the Miele appliance. Frameless electric and induction hobs are operated without buttons and ensure creating culinary masterpieces with ease and pleasure. But plenty of factors influence on condition of your appliance. So if you notice your oven’s malfunction, you should immediately call us. Stoves restore is not simple and need some time. But our repairmen will try to do it quickly and without protraction.

Miele dishwasher refit

Do you want a unique dishwasher that will surprise all your guests? Miele appliances are for you. Its dishwasher function knock2open stands for simplicity of use. It gives you a possibility to spend your time on something more enjoyable than washing dishes. And if you have some troubles with your appliances like leaking, nasty noise, overheating etc., FQAR specialists will try to fix it in the most ordinary and quickest way. Send us an email or phone for a consultation.

Miele washers maintenance

Washers must ensure total cleanliness, freshness and complete tidiness of your clothes. Miele washing machines can make your outfit be shining and you look glorious. Thanks to convenient control and large capacity, a washer will become you’re the best assistant. And FQAR will take care of it. Just contact us in any possible way!

Miele dryers mending

Modern dryers give a possibility to use clothes for more time. You can wear your dress or suit a lot of times and they will stay as new as after a purchase. For proper work of a dryer, it should be regularly checked out. If it’s necessary FQAR technicians will make a replacement of details and refit your appliances. Call us and forget about problems.

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