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Moffat: the lowest prices with maximal comfort

Considering your desires

Moffat created appliances with idea to make it more available for all people. Its fridges, washers and ovens stand on the line with the most famous brands, but it is more affordable. If you want to improve your home with better appliances, you should think about a purchase of Moffat products. Don’t miss an opportunity to save some money and do not forget about quality.

FQAR as your great assistant

If you have no time for installation and examination of appliances, you can use our services. FQAR repairmen can come anytime to help find out a solution for your problems with:

  • Fridges
  • Washers
  • Dishwashing machines
  • Dryers
  • Ovens

Our technicians will give you a consultation or repair your home equipment without delay. Just contact us!

Moffat dishwashers mending

Moffat dishwasher differ from other brands in their design, functionality and cost. They ensure brilliant cleanliness of dishware with minimal using of energy. Otherwise, you can request for FQAR help. Our handymen will try to return your dishwasher to the condition as it was when you bought it. So call us if it’s necessary!

Moffat ovens repair

Your stove is one of the factors of making delicious and diverse food. Doesn’t matter, if it is gas or electric, Moffat ovens are always a good base for cooking. Nevertheless, they also can have some problems with turning on or working properly. FQAR repairmen have situations like this almost every day, so you can trust their knowledge and skills. Contact us and check it out!

Moffat fridges service

Fridges are very multifunctional nowadays. They are able to:

  • Preserve different products
  • Make ice
  • Cool water
  • Freeze food for saving on a long term

Moffat refrigerators and freezers are also very stylish and comfortable. You can buy these appliances and FQAR will help to install them and follow out further maintenance. Call us for more information.

Moffat washer fixing

You will never find time for yourself, if you do all the duties without help. Moffat will give you an opportunity to enjoy your life, until your chores are made with its appliances. Moreover, technique will do it in way that is more efficient and with better result. Your clothes will shine and smell freshly, if you use the washing machine. You, in your turn, should care about it too. FQAR ensures timely mending of your appliances. Contact us and our consultants will tell you all the details.

Moffat dryers refit

Convenience of Moffat dryers is proved by mainly reviews of its customers. It brings simplicity and benefits in your life. If you want to have clothes without creases and shrink, you may use dryers. They are easy in loading and turning on, take a little space in your apartment and don’t increase your bills. And FQAR technicians offer quick restore in case of failure. Give us a call or send email and we will figure out your problems.

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