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New repair service close to home.  Does the door of the washer not shut tightly? Is the refrigerator not cooling enough? Or the clothes remain damp after drying? Then there is a good chance you need help of a professional technician. Rural countryside of Canada is lucky to have access to a new certified service. F.Q.A.R. team consists of proficient repairmen and electricians, who offer their support 24/7 throughout Ontario region, including New Hamburg and its surrounding areas. From this moment on, local residents don`t have to endure poorly functioning devices. They can stop spending money on new pieces of equipment, because the older ones couldn`t be fixed. F.Q.A.R. appliances service is here to prolong lives of household devices and make lives of their owners brighter and enjoyable. For more details, reed the information below.

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What do we repair?

  1. The oven either won`t get hot or dishes aren`t cooked properly. Those and other common problems are usually caused by our careless attitude. For example, placing too much weight on top of an electrical burner, can really damage it. Machines need our attention and regular maintenance to stay in top shape and serve long years. Skilled technicians in New Hamburg are ready to provide support concerning oven issues. You`ll be definitely surprised, how quick and efficient your old stoves and ovens can perform. All kinds of maintenance and upgrading works are available in our fixing service.
  1. We know how it happens. At first your freezer starts to make noises. Then you smell unpleasant odor. Eventually, mold grows inside and the refrigerator conks out. Sounds not attractive, does it? To avoid repairing costs, you can order a diagnosis right away. Expert advice and minor upgrades can keep the freezer working long years without breakdowns. Model or brand don`t matter to us. F.Q.A.R. handymen find individual solutions at once, so that every client will be satisfied with services.
  1. Electrical appliances can be very dangerous, if installation or using requirements aren`t met correctly. Safety must be always put first. Don`t hesitate to contact F.Q.A.R. appliances in your town, if a dryer:
  • won`t turn on/off;
  • too hot/cold;
  • takes too long to dry clothes;
  • clothes remain damp;
  • makes noises.
  1. Hire a professional technician in New Hamburg and let us do dirty work. Strange noises, unfinished cycles and other common problems can be solved within hours or days, depending on matter. Your washing machines will perform at the highest level again. Every customer may expect individual approach, warranty and discounts.
  1. F.Q.A.R.`s agents know how to deal with dishwashers, if something went wrong. Considerable experience on the fixing market and modern technologies allow us to carry out repairs of all complexity degrees. Is your dishwasher having any malfunctions? Contact us and let a specialist take a look at your appliance. Quick service at affordable prices are guaranteed!

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