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Why us. Unlike other service companies, F.Q.A.R. appliances in Newmarket take care of each customer providing suitable solutions at competitive prices. Choosing us, you get hassle-free repairs and even more:

  • friendly customer agents;
  • flexible appointments;
  • upfront pricing;
  • proficient servicing;
  • minimum downtime;
  • exclusive quality;
  • 100% satisfaction.

Prevention is better than cure. Schedule preventive maintenance to avoid future breakages. For expert advice to major repairs, feel free to contact us.

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King City


Washing & cleaning machines. A broken washer is a nightmare for many Canadians. Clothes need to be washed on a daily basis. Otherwise, your home can quickly become buried in unclean clothes. Doing washing-up by hand is also an excruciating task especially if you have a big family with kids. We at F.Q.A.R. appliances understand it and want to ensure the dependability of your machines. Residents of Newmarket can have their washers and dishwashers running as smooth as the new ones. We`ll inform you about fixing costs before the work begins so that later you won`t be surprised by hidden quotes.

Freezing & cooling appliances. Problems like a noisy freezer, one that doesn`t freeze food supply, or runs consistently may have its owners worrying about buying a newer unit. But don`t worry. We`ll save your time and money. Our certified technicians in Newmarket can solve the problem by replacing parts or even just cleaning the freezer thoroughly. Readily-available agents respond to your needs promptly. Whether in the downtown or at outskirts, we`ll send one of the best handymen to your facilities. The same or next day service without extra charges is real when residential professionals come down to business. Find your trustworthy fixing partner for many years.

Ovens & stoves. If a stove or an oven is acting up, your family`s dinner is in jeopardy. Depending on us, you ensure your cooktop being in a good working condition to prepare meals for you beloved ones. F.Q.A.R. team has identified the most common issues that you are likely to experience:

  • oven won`t turn on/off;
  • slow preheating;
  • won`t unlock;
  • light is out;
  • inaccurate temperature;
  • doesn`t bake evenly;
  • overheats;
  • burners spark all the time;
  • cooktop shuts off while cooking, etc.

These failures can be easily tackled by our handymen. We repair all major brands so that no stove in Ontario will be left without professional maintenance.


Don`t hesitate. F.Q.A.R. staff provides technical support at any part of Ontario region 24 hours a day. There are several options for getting in touch with residential agents: simply give us a call, email or book a visit online. No hours of awaiting and recurring problems are guaranteed. Skilled repairmen have experience to fulfill your expectations. Recommended service #1 in Canada is looking forward to helping you.

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