The city of Falls and repairs of high quality 

Service worth of attention.  The city Niagara Falls is famous not only for its river`s natural attractions, but also for excellent repair center. F.Q.A.R. appliances serves the needs of local community and provides an opportunity to get their household appliances fixed beyond reproach. Whatever you need to be repaired – dryers, washers or ovens – our agents are up to any task. Contact us and get more information on any issue.

Why should you choose us? The F.Q.A.R. representatives in Niagara-Falls are glad to offer their support in questions connected with home electric devices. Our technicians are familiar with numerous malfunction faults and have already gained reputation as a reliable and competent repairing partner in Ontario region. Good reviews of satisfied clients prove our high standards and qualification. We preserve honesty and transparency about all affairs and offer a great deal of convenience.

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List of services. We keep appliances in good condition by repairing them when necessary. Even if you think, that a machine is damaged to such an extent that it couldn’t be repaired, our handyman can manage to tackle the problem. We perform:

  • extensive and minor repairs;
  • tune-ups;
  • emergency fixing;
  • regular checking;
  • restore;
  • replacement of key elements;

Beside this, everybody can get expert advice and answers to use and care questions. 

What can you expect. Calling us, you choose assurance that your damaged domestic equipment will be repaired as soon as possible. Moreover, most repairs are completed on first visit. The most important thing, you don`t have to worry about fixing costs. Due to large volume of customers and skilled technicians, who work hard and fast, we can set reasonable prices for first-grade support. In case of emergency, we come to your home within minutes with fully stocked vehicle and take all safety measures in order to reduce possible harm and high costs. 

What can be fixed. F.Q.A.R. appliances are aimed at continuous partnership with its clients and do repairs of such units as:

  • washers;
  • dryers;
  • ovens;
  • refrigerators;

Proficient electricians. Certified consultants carry out necessary repairs of essential devices for comfort everyday living. We offer repairs of most common brands and models. Finding of effective and ingenious solutions that match to specific needs of clients is the main feature of Niagara-Falls service center.

Arrange a meeting. A washer won`t rinse, a dryer makes funny noises and a freezer isn`t making ice? Get rid of these side effects of your hesitance! The longer you hesitate, the more difficult will be fixing itself. Make an appointment by one of the best Canadian specialist right now. And let all machine buttons and mechanisms work correct. No matter which of devices isn’t performing as you wish, F.Q.A.R. technicians will make it running again. Easy-to-use online tools and phone assistance are at your disposal 24/7. You can get pricing information and estimate the final bill after previous consultation or technical inspection.

Professional appliances repair in Niagara Falls 

Exceed your expectations. Don`t you believe that a repair can be:

  • effective;
  • hassle-free;
  • and inexpensive at the same time?

What if we`ll say that it is possible? And even more, such repairs are available in your city too. Residents of Niagara Falls, Ontario province, have recently gained an opportunity to get their major household appliances serviced by certified handymen at F.Q.A.R. fixing company. Our team of professional technicians is looking forward to handle any issue with your dryer, oven, fridge, washer or dishwasher. Check it out yourself. Everything is real, when true experts come down to business.

Services we carry out. Niagara Falls is a new home to the first-class repair station, where an array of advanced services can be delivered:

  • replacement of essential and subsidiary elements;
  • maintenance job;
  • improving of productivity;
  • professional diagnostic;
  • restore of functions;
  • expert advice.

From Bosch to Jenn-Air, we service all common brands and models ensuring that all electrical connections are done properly. Getting appliance in working order has never been easier before.

When should I call a handyman? We strongly recommend our clients not to hesitate calling the service department. Remember, that regular maintenance and testing prevent your machines from breakages and you from costly repairs. By first warning signs, get in touch with one of our sophisticated staff. Our agents will give your precious information regarding appliance failures. Our care tips could help you identify the possible problem. There are numerous signs that you should be aware of. If you`ve noticed any of them, don`t waste a moment contacting us:

  • inaccurate temperature;
  • long cycles;
  • machine vibrates or shakes;
  • water fills slowly;
  • motor is making loud noises;
  • insignificant leakages;
  • bad odor;
  • appliance runs all the time;
  • lights/burners spark all the time.

Smart solutions. You are able to avoid disruptions in your daily life by having electric and gas appliances properly serviced on a regular basis. F.Q.A.R. specialists have all the knowledge and expertise to offer an appropriate course of action in each situation. No matter how major or minor the problem is, they`ll deliver quick technical support without affecting the quality. Our reputable service excels in providing well-thought-off solutions that match client`s budget. We are aimed at building long-lasting relationships with our customers throughout Canada extending the lifespan of their major household appliances.

Give us a call. F.Q.A.R. repairmen in Niagara Falls take care of local residents ensuring 24/7 support. Simply call or email our representatives and get a repair appointment at any time convenient for you. Working around clients` schedule, we guarantee prompt reaction in emergency cases. For more details, visit our Website and read multiple favorable reviews. Rest assured, when true repair experts are available nearby.

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