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New repair service in Port Colborne 

Attention.  The F.Q.A.R. appliances service is happy to announce that residents of a city on Lake Erie have an opportunity to get their devices upgraded and work correctly again. You don`t need to buy a new washer every two years and get rid of a noisy refrigerator anymore. Save your time, money and environment. Contact us right now and give your household devices a new life. Enjoy new possibilities in Port Colborne and become a member of a big F.Q.A.R. clients’ community.

Do I really need repairs? Are you satisfied with behavior of electrical devices? Do you believe, that all safety requirements are met properly?  Don`t you want to cut electricity/gas/water etc. bills? If you give at least one negative answer, then it is worth to rethink your attitude towards machines and arrange a visit of technician. We can come to your home and check whether everything is working legal and safely. Our specially trained person will examine your appliances carefully. And if something happens to be damaged, we can fix it on the spot.

Fixing services in Port Colborne. If you are complaining about work of dryers, washers, dishwasher, freezers or ovens, our handyman will come to your houses and make them work at the same level as before and even better. We can offer solutions to the following malfunctions:

  • water leaks;
  • shaking or vibration;
  • won`t turn on/off;
  • annoying noises;
  • won`t drain;
  • won`t heat/dry;
  • not making ice;
  • dishes/clothes not clean;
  • takes too long to preheat;
  • no flame/gas;
  • buttons not working.

The list isn`t comprehensive, because every problem is specific and requires an individual approach. We are ready to face the most challenging situations and find effective solutions, which will be acceptable for you. Prices have never been favorable before. Quality and warranty are our top priorities.

Service Area

Belleview Beach
Chambers Corners

Local repair support. Port Colborne, as well as other cities of Ontario, are places worth of sightseeing. They attract many tourists and have a developed entertainment system. However, they aren`t adjusted to everyday needs of permanent residents. Concerns about where one can get his/her appliances repaired quickly brings discomfort to many families. Don`t lose a chance to make your life easier. Take advantage of competent electricians in your city and enjoy results the same day!

Scheduling a meeting. You have bad experience with fixing companies and any thought of calling a technician makes your heart beats faster? Forget these nightmares. F.Q.A.R. team of professionals is here to provide first-class support at any time. We are a client-oriented services, that offers easy booking and convenient schedule conditions 24/7 without weekends. In case of emergency or when a phone advise is needed, you can always rely on our quick response. Schedule a visit of electrician, when it is suitable to you. We will adjust to you and do our best.

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