Worry-free repair experience in Schomberg 

Why choose us. No one will argue that it is hard to find a reliable repair service. This kind of problem is especially familiar to residents of villages. But the community of Schomberg, Ontario province, had a stroke of luck, because F.Q.A.R. appliances repair company came to their town. With almost one hundred locations across Ontario, you can entrust your major electrical and gas appliances to the local F.Q.A.R. department. There are many good reasons why calling our certified technicians is the best choice when repairs need to be done:

  • we deliver support 24/7;
  • our handymen are certified and well-equipped;
  • we guarantee fast and nonetheless effective services.

F.Q.A.R. services. With a professional approach, our dedicated staff can meet all customer needs properly. They have the expertise to get a great variety of things done correctly in time fashion. Here we`ve prepared a list of our most popular service:

  • installation;
  • diagnostic;
  • restoring;
  • review;
  • maintenance;

Each member of our team excels in delivering the first class service of such technical units:

  • dryer;
  • freezer;
  • washer;
  • fridge;
  • dishwasher;
  • oven;
  • stove, etc.

From customer agents to courteous electricians, you can expect an exclusive service that will exceed your expectations.

What can we solve. Don`t spend another day with a poorly functioning machine. Our readily-available repairmen are specializing in dealing with general and complicated issues. If there are some problems with electrical or gas units in your household, don`t waste a moment contacting us. From bad odor and leakages to broken motor, rely on us. There is neither too small nor too big work for us. Brands and models don`t matter. We take on every challenge and handle it in the most effective manner.

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Happy Valley

Pricing & quality. Don`t hurry purchasing new expensive machines or doing household chores on your own, invest in repair service instead. You deserve reliable and well-functioning appliances. We want to save your budget, time and hassle by preserving the best quality-price ratio in the country. Our workmanship works around the clock to meet clients` needs properly. Due to new tools and years of experience, our handymen are able to do the work double-quick in comparison with other services. In such a way, we keep the most competitive prices in Canada. Highly recommended technicians will ensure that you don’t incur any costly repairs.

Get in touch. For more details, please contact F.Q.A.R. team via phone or email today. Qualified help for a nominal fee is available at any time. Our local representatives in Schomberg strive to answer each phone call and message promptly, so you don`t need to wait hours. We`ll take care of your devices as soon as possible. Knowledgeable agents can provide you with accurate information regarding our repair services whenever required. Expert advice for free is guaranteed. Feel free to ask questions, we are looking forward to helping each of you.

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