From developing to developed city 

New fixing service in Simcoe.  No urban area in Canada should be left without professional technical support. Lush parks and heritage sites cannot satisfy needs of housewives and housemen.  That’s why a team of certified specialists came to Simcoe and its surroundings.  We are here to serve local residents. F.Q.A.R. repairing company offers a comprehensive fixing service in Ontario region at affordable prices 24/7. Contact us and check out everything yourself.

Full-service. From this moment, Simcoe will be associated not only with such important industries as Canada`s largest ice cream plant and auto parts plant. Although, there are surely very important to Canadians. Simcoe is a new home to the first-class fixing station, where the net tasks may be performed:

  • repair of dryers, washers, dishwasher, freezers and ovens;
  • replacement of buttons/glass etc.;
  • replacement of essential and subsidiary elements;
  • maintenance jobs of common modes and brands;
  • improving of productivity;
  • reduction of noises and vibrations;
  • professional diagnostic;
  • restore of functions;
  • expert advice;
  • and finding individual solutions.


Service Area

Port Dover

Convenient and easy booking. What is more, you don`t necessarily have to bring heavy appliances to the repairing center. Everyone has an opportunity to schedule a visit at home. Our repairmen are ready to come over and take a look at household devices. Unless a serious fault should be found out, we`ll fix it during the first visit. In other case, you`ll be offered to bring or let us take a damaged machine to the repairing office. But be sure, F.Q.A.R. technicians won`t keep you waiting for a washing machine or a refrigerator days or even weeks. We understand that nowadays it`s impossible to imagine daily routine at home without these irreplaceable helpers.

Quality-price-ratio. F.Q.A.R.`s agents are carrying out major and minor repairs very quickly, but the quality remains at the highest level. We stand for transparency about all and estimate fixing prices after preliminary diagnostic or talks with one of the specialists. You can call or email us and describe a problem you have. However, more accurate prices can be calculated only on the spot by our professionals. Don`t feel anxious, our price politic will leave you budget save. Clients comfort and safety are top priorities for handymen in Simcoe. Should any complain occur, our experts will tackle a problem for free. Our loyal customers will be also pleased with big discounts.

Excellent reputation. The F.Q.A.R. service comes highly recommended throughout Canada owning to experienced handymen and modern equipment. In spite of the fact, that we are a quite young company, we have already gained a large client audience. Every opinion and recommendation is taken into account in order to improve services. Our main goal is to keep strong and durable partnerships based on mutual trust.  If your appliance is working poorly, you are welcomed to get in touch with us via phone or online. A quick response is guaranteed. We`ll adjust our schedule to you.

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