We do more than just repair your machine!

Get qualified support in St. Jacobs.  There are so many appliances which influence our daily lives and have already become an integral part of our day routines. If one of them breaks down, you may face great discomfort and high repairing bills. F.Q.A.R. appliances fixing team came to St. Jacobs in order to provide the most versatile repairing services in Canada. Our talented handymen can execute the required procedures whenever needed at reasonable prices.

Service we provide. F.Q.A.R. team can handle:

  • installation;
  • disassembly/reassembly;
  • emergency repairs;
  • inspections;
  • testing;
  • maintenance;
  • modifications;
  • replacement of parts;
  • and other servicing of household devices.

Certified agents can fix any malfunction which might occur to electric appliances in your house – from a dryer to a refrigerator. Consultation is also provided to all our customers.

Dryers. Don`t spend another day with a poorly functioning machine. Well-versed technicians want to make sure that your appliances are running smoothly. On-time repairs help to avoid high energy bills and home accidents.  So don`t procrastinate – call a technician now. We`ll eliminate trouble issues and save your time.

Dishwashers. Owing to great practical skills, we can tackle any issue with your dishwasher. Whether it isn`t draining, turning off or takes long to finish the cycle, you may count on us. Our colleagues will whip a dishwasher back into top shape.  Individual approach is guaranteed. While maintaining the highest levels of standards, we also provide unbeatable pricing.

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Ovens. Get cooking again quickly is possible. Skilled electricians in St. Jacobs will diagnose the faulty machine and find out the cause of malfunctioning, if:

  • oven won`t start;
  • element won`t heat;
  • timer isn`t advancing;
  • igniter won`t light;
  • oven is too cold/hot;
  • door won`t open etc.

Washers. If your washing machine isn`t living up to its name, F.Q.A.R. specialists will get the appliance back up and running properly. We have solutions to all common symptoms – from major to less widespread brands and models. Be sure, you`ll be always provided with an accurate quote before starting the fixing. We are able to modify or rebuilt your machine. Fixing process has never been more hassle-free.

Freezers. Having a broken refrigerator is a frustrating experience. That`s why we are here to help you, if a freezer:

  • not defrosting;
  • leaking water;
  • noisy;
  • runs constantly;
  • ice/water dispenser not working;
  • defrost drain is clogged;
  • ice maker overflowing etc.

Flexible booking and location. Experienced technicians with extensive knowledge are looking for a challenge. They can come to your house if needed. With a wide range of portable machinery our agents are able to dissemble and repair your appliances at any location. Schedule a visit of a specialist right now. We work around your timetable. Whether in the morning or at night-time – contact us via phone or email. Qualified help for a nominal fee is available in St. Jacobs.

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