F.Q.A.R. repair service in Stouffville: quick, affordable & efficient 

Why choose us. While there are many other fixing companies located throughout Ontario, the F.Q.A.R. appliances service team knows how to meet residential needs of local residents properly. We`ve used to think in terms of our features that successfully separate us from the competitors. Here are some good reasons for giving preference to our service:

  • certified technicians;
  • fast service;
  • reliability 24/7;
  • fair prices;
  • friendly customer agents;
  • flexible appointments.

Ovens & stoves. Regardless of the manufacturer and model, all common makes of electric and gas stoves and ovens can be maintained by our skilled handymen. They can improve the efficiency of your cooking appliances and thus save you money in the long run on monthly utility bills. In any event, experts at F.Q.A.R. service station are familiar with all facets of stove installation, restore, review and maintenance.

 Service Area

Mt Albert

Dryers. Don`t waste a moment contacting dryer technicians in Stouffville. In you`ve noticed the first warn sign of malfunctioning, give us a call. We can quickly diagnose the problem and recommend the right solution. Owners of drying machines can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done correctly. We excel in solving various problems when e.g.:

    • clothes are still wet after the drying cycle;
    • dryer doesn’t start;
  • loud/squeaking noises;
  • won`t heat up/gets too hot;
  • drum doesn’t spin, etc.

Washers. Having troubles with the washing machine? Don`t worry. From a small leakage to complicated break down, our specialists in Stouffville can help you. We realize how you depend on your machines to do laundry whenever needed. And when the unit start acting up, it causes a great deal of inconvenience. Our courteous workmanship can eliminate the issue in no time ensuring the first class quality of repairs. Whether a front-loading or stackable machine, rely on our competence.

Dishwashers. We know how to do the washing-up more convenient and easier even for those families with a dishwasher. By offering a regular maintenance plan, F.Q.A.R. professionals guarantee the extended lifespan of your machines. If there is any damaged part, we`ll take care of it for you. Remember, that well-working dishwashers:

  • use less water, electricity and detergent;
  • clean properly;
  • aren`t leaking onto the floor.

If you`re interested in having an efficient appliance, hire one of our courteous handymen.

Fridges & freezers. A broken down refrigerator or malfunctioning freezer can put an entire household in jeopardy. F.Q.A.R. service staff won`t let it happen. We make every effort to avoid costly repairs by acting quickly and nonetheless accurately. Our technicians are dependable to respond to your specific needs. Before a repairman starts any work, he`ll provide you with an estimate of repairs that are going to be done. No hidden fees and recurring problems are guaranteed. Get in touch with our local representative via phone or email today. Get your appliances back in operation.

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