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Sub Zero: appliances that will update your home

Common devices for outstanding people

There a lot of duties which performing isn’t pleasant and takes much time. Sub Zero changes the situation. Its appliances are created to make your live more convenient and enjoyable. Forget about long-term chores. You just need to choose appliances and buy what you want. Spend your time for more necessary things and Sub Zero will care everything else.

Fixing appliances without delay

FQAR company offers services that are needed to prolong life of the appliance you’ve bought. Our repairmen can:

  • Install any type of it
  • Make its checkup
  • Replace broken details
  • Repair any damage
  • Give you a consultation

All these services are available every day and affordable for everyone. Call us or send us email!

Sub Zero ovens repair

A stove need to be fixed as soon as the first signs of damage appear. It can be simple troubles with firing of gas stove or turning on of electric one for the beginning. But with time, it can continue in more complicated problems like overheating. And they need, in their turn, much more expensive and sophisticated services. That’s why, you should request for help at once. Call FQAR and our specialists will find a time for you!

Sub Zero dishwashers fixing

Dishwashers are created to simplify our lives. You can save your time substantially with this equipment. But irreversible changes in its condition can aggravate work of a dishwashing machine. If your dishes are not clean enough after washing or you suggest leaking, you may think about some damages of it. Don’t doubt and call a handyman. It will be a right decision! Contact FQAR and wait for us!

Sub Zero washers mending

Did you want a magic wand which does everything instead of you, when you were a child? One duty can be totally done like in a fairytale. Sub Zero washing machines ensure perfectly clean clothes without your efforts. And FQAR will make fairy restore if your washer started to:

  • Leak
  • Make different noises
  • Turn off till running
  • Stay closed after the end of a cycle
  • Leave stains

You deserve proper work of your appliances. FQAR technicians will do everything to make it possible! Call us and learn more!

Sub Zero dryers restore

With the magic washer you need the magic dryer too. Sub Zero dryers will fit in any room. Its soundless work and large capacity allow saving space at your home and make drying a simple procedure. With any problems that can come up you may turn to FQAR. Our team consists of professionals that will mend your appliances with close eyes. They will solve your problems. Only give us a call.

Sub Zero fridges maintenance

These fridges are able to preserve different products such as fish, meat, dairy and even wine without changing of their taste qualities. It is a perfect refrigerator for those who appreciates food for its flavor. Even products preserved in a freezer stay the same. But if something changes you should call us for help. Spoiled meals can be a reason of different diseases. So don’t delay and contact FQAR!

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