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Tappan: with passion for your cuisine

Improve your duties performance

Every day you should do many unpleasant things. Tappan appliances allow carrying out your own business until your dishes are washing and food is cooking. You can select style that will perfectly fit in your kitchen. These appliances are available for everyone. Choose what you need exactly at this moment. Don’t doubt if you wanted to upgrade your kitchen for a long time and didn’t take a chance. Tappan give you a possibility to watch on your cook room from the other side. It can become a place, where you will want to stay.

FQAR can restore everything

Are you sure in an ability of your appliances work on peak performance? If you are not, don’t delay and call our specialists. FQAR require from its workers:

  • Developed skills
  • Knowledge in refit of different devices
  • Politeness
  • Feasibility to come any time
  • Honesty
  • Reliability

These characteristics allow trusting them on one hundred percent and more. Thanks to them, our repairmen can solve rapidly any problem that arose. You can control what they will do or take a nap, but FQAR guarantees expert work anyway.

Fridges fixing

Unique technologies used in Tappan refrigerators are useful and indispensable for everyone. These fridges can preserve food for days and freezers can do the same for weeks and even months. If you got used to eating small portions or cook for all big family, you need these appliances to save everything that were left and not to worry about its condition. Doesn’t matter, what you want to freeze. Meat will stay edible as well as vegetables, fruits and dairy products. You can control temperature inside the fridge or it will be assured automatically. If this appliance doesn’t provide its main functions, you may call us for help.

Ovens restore

Appliances develop more and more every day. Stoves don’t differ from other equipment. With every improvement, they become better, more efficient and convenient in usage. Innovative technologies allow making meals like in the best restaurants without efforts. An oven can get out of order because of different influences. You can notice that it:

  • Overheats
  • Doesn’t ignite
  • Is too loud
  • Doesn’t turn off
  • Smells with gas

These signs are common for stoves damage. And it is a reason to call a handyman. FQAR managers will take your call and our technicians will ensure quick and inexpensive repair at once.

Dishwashers mending

Dishwashing machine is an ideal appliance for those who likes dinner with all family members or big parties every weekend. After both, a plenty of dishware fail on your shoulders. With a dishwasher you should only load it and go resting while all dishes are cleaning up. Moreover, they will be clean to the squeak using Tappan dishwasher. Nevertheless, it need special maintenance like all appliances. If it doesn’t get it, a dishwasher can break down. If you don’t want it, contact us and our technicians will check your devices and refit, if it will be necessary.

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