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Thermador: don’t put up with commonness

Inspiration you needed

Are you tired of common and stuffy kitchens? Do you want something unique and incomparable? Then Thermador is a company that will embody your dreams of a perfect kitchen. Thermador creators understand that this room is a place where you spend much more time than in others, except a bedroom. Give yourself a possibility to enjoy this time. It is assured by special unrivaled design. Besides, you will be surprised with abilities of these appliances. Capacity of every kind is stunning. That is why, Thermador is a perfect choice for people who are looking for inspiration everywhere.

Exceptional consumer care

FQAR team is always ready to help you in any situation. Our repairmen are committed to provide all services we offer without delay. They include:

  • Primary installation
  • Day and night consultation and booking
  • Regular examination
  • Replacement of details
  • Cleaning inside the appliance
  • Proper refit

Our round-the-clock support is what you can rely on. FQAR workers have different skills and knowledge that allow repairing all kinds of appliances you have. Moreover, they will do it in the quickest and he most affordable way. You just need to call us and make an appointment, when it will be comfortable for you.

Ovens restore

Innovative technologies of Thermador appliances help make every culinary endeavor unsurpassed. Stoves of this company meet the requirements of every even the most demanding housewife. Thermador has a wide range of stoves, so you can choose the one that will perfectly fit in your kitchen. You will be pleased by such features of these stoves as:

  • Loud notification about food readiness
  • Different modes for products variety
  • Convenient timer
  • Simple control panel on electric stoves
  • Safe burners on gas ones

You should realize that without proper maintenance your oven would work with problems in some time of exploitation. But you can prevent it. Just call to FQAR and we will decide how our repairmen can aid you.

Fridges fixing

Can you imagine your life without a fridge? Out of it your kitchen will be imperfect and a neat refrigerator is a good complement to it. Thermador manufactures such appliances that will amaze everyone with its convenience and sophisticated design. Beginning with function of auto-opening of the door to individual temperature control, their fridges simplify your life. Don’t put with bruised vegetables and fruits or rotten food! Temperature in your refrigerator and freezer should be appropriate to products in it, which allow maintaining all useful elements. If there are any troubles in work of your appliances, you should contact us.

Dishwashers refit

Whether you live alone or have a complete family, you need to wash dishes every day, if you don’t use disposable tableware. Dishwasher became homely assistant for everyone. You don’t have to worry about dishware anymore. In case of failure, contact FQAR and our handymen will restore your dishwashing machine with no problem!

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