Find out if your appliance woes have a simple solution 

Beneficial services nearby. The F.Q.A.R. appliances service center in Thornhill, Ontario, ensures the trustworthiness of local repairmen. We take care of each customer providing a great variety of services to their advantage:

  • repairs of major household appliances;
  • proper installation;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • 24/7 support;
  • expert advice;
  • upfront pricing;
  • flexible scheduling.

Entrust your appliances to us and get them up and running smoothly in time fashion. From now on, prompt and on-site service is available in your town too.

Is your washer acting up? A broken washer is a nightmare for many housewives. With a washing machine that’s not operating properly — or at all — your household can quickly become buried in dirty socks, T-shirts and linen. But don’t worry: all common and complicated washer issues can be repaired by our sophisticated handymen in Thornhill correctly.  Brand-new tools enable our colleagues to deliver the first-class servicing.

Find your reliable dryer fixer. Problems like a dryer, one that doesn`t heat up, or is overheating may have you worried about having to run out and buy a new unit. But our specialists at F.Q.A.R. department are pretty sure that they are able to put up your older device hassle-free, quick and inexpensive. Simple let one of our courteous repairmen take a look at your machine. He`ll figure out causes of the problem and suggest the best course of action that would match your budget and expectations.

Service Area

Richmond Hill
North York

Noticed any warning sign of oven malfunctioning? If yes, don`t hesitate to contacting your local F.Q.A.R. service department. We can send a stove & oven specialist out to your home the same day. Our agents understand the importance of these appliances and thus make every effort to provide the emergency help at any time. Due to our expertise, the tradition of family dinners will continue without any disruption. Your cooking appliance will operate in peak condition again.

Is the refrigerator not cooling enough? It`s difficult to underestimate the role of fridges and freezers in our life. They are supposed to store home-cooked meals, products and favorite beverages. However, when they work poorly, the food goes bad and we face costly repairs. F.Q.A.R. appliances service staff came to Thornhill in order to provide local residents with affordable servicing around the clock. Our competent colleagues excel in well-thought-of solutions regardless of the brand and model.

Professional dishwasher maintenance. If other repair teams would say “We can’t fix it”, our workmanship will always reply “Bring it on!”. As the most reputable repair company in the region, you can be assured that we will show up on time and get your dishwashers fixed cost-effectively. Our knowledgeable representatives can inform you regarding our services, prices and possible appointments by phone or email. We work around your busy schedule. Repairs have never been easier before. Check it out for yourself.

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