World-class service in Toronto

Repair support.  The F.Q.A.R appliances service provides exceptional repair quality in the capital city of Ontario. We understand the rigorous demands that you face every day and want to make your life enjoyable. However, it is achievable only if all household appliances perform well. When machine is out, getting through domestic chores may take hours. Does anybody have that time? We appreciate every minute and carry out repair works at your and our facilities promptly.

Key to success. We`ve built our fixing company with a simple goal: deliver the first-class technical support in all towns and cities of Canada. The F.Q.A.R. team believes that delivering proficient repairs at affordable prices is the key to building long-term relationships with our customers. With each successful repair our reputation grew. We expand our client base gradually. Today, our offices can be found across the country. And we are very proud to have a reputation as a reliable partner #1 in Toronto and its surroundings.

Team of professionals. Our valued team members can improve the performance and productivity of your appliances by carrying out:

  • correct installation;
  • configuration;
  • maintenance;
  • essential repairs;
  • replacement of elements;

Service Area

North York

You can always get expert advice which help to extend lifespan of your equipment.

Dishwashers. The F.Q.A.R. service in Toronto can turn the impossible into a reality. We can solve your problem with a dishwasher quickly and efficiently. Our facilities are fully prepared to take on any challenge. So, if any malfunction should appear, turn to us right away.

Dryers. The best electricians in your downtown are ready to provide inexpensive fixing of dryers whenever required. Laundry won`t go wrong anymore. A broken dryer will be recovered and perform as you wish. Whether a machine isn`t heating up properly or shuts off quickly – let us know. Remember, that poor working electric appliances can cause dangerous situations. Make sure there is no hazard to your family.

Freezers. Refrigerator not working right? Freezer runs constantly? Any smells, rattles or leaks?  Our certified technicians know how to deal in these cases. Even when emergency assistance is needed, you may recon with certainty on us. Recommended specialists are here to help you.

Washers. We want to make sure that you have clean clothes for work or university. Skilled technicians of Toronto have not only a great experience, but also all the tools required for essential as well as secondary repairs. Your washers will perform as at the day when they were purchased.

Ovens. Regardless of size, model and brand, our dedicated staff will handle any issue with your ovens. The F.Q.A.R. appliances company makes quality and flexibility the cornerstones of its work. Fixing has never been so affordable. After taking a look at your machine, we`ll estimate the amount of work and accurate price for its performing. But be sure, that no work won`t start without your agreement. Finding of appropriate solutions that would fit your budget is possible. You can get in touch with our agents via Website, phone or email 24/7.

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