F.Q.A.R. repairmen pinpoint trouble issues at once 

Unionville service department. Appliances are an essential part of the household. Thus, you need them to be completely reliable. When a dryer, washer or fridge breaks down, you experience a great deal of inconvenience. F.Q.A.R. fixing company came to Unionville, Ontario, to meet appliance residential needs. With our expertise and a hundred of stations around the region, we guarantee hassle-free, quick and proficient repairs. Our well-versed technicians are specializing in maintenance of the next units:

  • fridge & freezer;
  • dishwasher;
  • oven & stove;
  • washing machine;

Services offered. We provide a variety of services for your major cooking, drying and cooling devices:

  • correct installation;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • restore of functions;
  • replacement of elements/button/motors;
  • accurate diagnostic;
  • major and minor repairs.

We are aimed at fulfilling your needs in just one visit, saving both your time and money. Knowledgeable technicians and electricians excel in suggesting the best courses of actions. Rest assured, because our handymen take every precaution to treat your appliances and home with care and respect that you really deserve.

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Issues we solve. Our courteous specialists are continuously improving their skills. They have all the capabilities to perform repairs on the completely broken down machine, even if other service teams refused to fix it. Unlike other companies, our reputable staff succeeds in handling a great variety of appliance problems, e.g.:

  • washers: leaking, not spinning, off-balance;
  • dryers: overheating, not drying;
  • ovens: inaccurate temperature, elements burnt out, cracked cooktop;
  • fridges: not cooling, running all the time, won`t start, etc.

Unless you`ve found the issue your appliance has, don`t worry. Simply get in touch with our local representative and get expert advice for free. We are pretty sure that can exceed your expectations by carrying out repairs properly.

Prompt responses. Each member of our team is trained to deliver fast help without affecting the quality. F.Q.A.R. workmanship in Unionville works around client`s schedule 24/7. Our customer agents strive to answer each phone call and email as soon as possible. We are familiar with the newest technical advances. This means there is neither too big nor to small job for us. We take on every work and complete it correctly in time fashion.

Competitive prices. With our up-front pricing, you don`t have to worry about any surprises when you get the final repair bill. We give you the full estimate of works that are going to be performed before our agent opens the tool box. We ensure, you won`t find a better quality-price ratio in Ontario.

Let us help. No matter what brand or model you have, let experts at F.Q.A.R. service center be your first choice for appliance installation, maintenance and repair in Unionville. Give us a call to set up an appointment at any time convenient for you. Our reliable specialists are here to help your household appliances run well again.

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