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Say goodbye to broken dryers. From this moment, dryers in each house and apartment of Ontario region will perform at the highest level, because F.Q.A.R. appliances company came to Vaughan. We offer a great array of services including:

  • proper installation and configuration;
  • expert testing;
  • restore;
  • review;
  • from major to minor maintenance;
  • replacement of elements;
  • all kinds of repairs.

Our yearly trained specialists know how to tackle any dryer issue with minimum downtime. Hassle-free servicing enables us to cover all residential needs. We stand behind our work offering well-thought-of solutions that match everyone’s budget. For exclusive fixing, you`ve come to the right place.

Ensure house safety with well-working ovens. If you smell odor after your oven is off, consider making an appointment with a technician. Don`t play fire! Safety should be put on the first place. F.Q.A.R. specialists can eliminate even the most dreaded oven and stove problems that can cause serious damage to your home. In the future, be sure to have your cooking appliances tested and reviewed by handymen several times a year. Remember, prevention is better that cure.

Fast & efficient freezer repairs. Can`t take a day off during the working week, but your freezer requires emergency help? We at F.Q.A.R. appliances company work unsociable hours even at weekends and holiday to ensure your home comfort and safety of food supply. A full crew of certified fridge experts can come to your apartments whenever it is convenient for you. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic and estimate fixing costs in a short moment so that fridge owners could have peace in mind. After the repairs are done, every client will receive precious advice on how to keep their cooling machines up and running well.

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King City
Richmond Hill

Expand the lifespan of your washer. Whether your washer needs repair, a little maintenance or you`d like some spare parts, feel free to contact the best repairmen of Vaughan. Unless there is a part or tool in our stock, our agents will order and deliver it as soon as possible. With your approval, we`ll put up your washing machine on the sport at the same or next day. Don`t worry, no mess is left our fixing. Friendly electricians will check out the reliability of the work. On the off chance, if something was made not satisfying, we`ll handle it for free.

Affordable dishwasher services. Specializing in major residential household appliances maintenance, we couldn`t miss such an essential electrical unit as a dishwasher.  The last thing you need is a broken or malfunctioning piece of equipment. We understand it providing fast, but nonetheless proficient repair works for your dishwashers in Vaughan including surrounding area. Our certified staff developed a discount system for loyal customer. Even if you came across our service for the first time, you`ll be well-surprised with competitive prices. No extra charges for nights, holidays, etc. Give us a call or email at any time.

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