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Viking: convenience that pleases the strongest

Powerful and dependable appliances

Looking for new appliances, people always choose features that are the most important for them. Viking company have been trying to manufacture their devices including them all since foundation. Whether you want to buy a fridge or an oven, you can select Viking, because its appliances are:

  • Reliable
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Universal for any kitchen
  • Equipped by the latest technologies
  • Affordable

You won’t make a mistake, if you decide to purchase Viking appliances. Equip your kitchen with it and you will never want to change anything.

Rely on FQAR

Even using the most durable appliances, you cannot remove the influence of nature factors and interaction of chemical elements. Processes which take place during the exploitation of appliances are unstoppable. But FQAR specialists can slow them down or make replacement of details, if it’s necessary. The best repairmen will carry out the full list of services to maintenance your appliances. FQAR provides inexpensive and qualitative aid in any situation over-the-clock. You need only to give a call or contact us online and FQAR consultants will advise you or make an appointment with a technician.

Fridges mending

Viking fridges are very convenient and efficient. You can preserve different products and be sure that they will be perfectly saved in the refrigerator. Freezers ensure professional maintaining food without temperature modifications inside despite temperature changes outside. This function ensures confidence in quality of frozen meat, vegetables, fruits and others. You can store up for winter and enjoy fresh products in any season. Contact us, if you start noticing something strange in work of your appliances, like:

  • Leaking
  • Inability to cool
  • Loud noises
  • Too high or too low temperature inside
  • Problems with wiring

FQAR team consists of great specialists that are always ready to help you!

Ovens refit

Using of a stove must be simple from the very beginning. FQAR technicians will help you to install it, make needed control, replace details and fix it. After all, an oven is the most dangerous and important part of your kitchen. Any damage can cause a fire. But Viking appliances is absolutely safe with proper handling and timely repair. You just need to contact FQAR right after the purchase. Our handymen can prevent all the troubles with your appliances. You should not wait until something breaks down. Phone us any time!

Dishwashers restore

Dishwashing machines give a possibility to take a nap after a dinner with no worries about washing tableware. Viking dishwashers clean up all your dishes perfectly with minimum of detergents. You should only load it and wait for some time. It is what you need, if you like getting results with almost no efforts. And FQAR will do everything to restore your dishwasher, if it’s damaged. Call us and get more information about our services and prices.

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