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Westinghouse: years of work for people

No efforts with great result

Westinghouse manufactures appliances for many years to make your life more convenient and easier. Doesn’t matter, what kind of appliances you need, you can be sure in its reliability, fair price and efficiency. Besides, Westinghouse design decisions will be perfect for any kitchen or washer room. Don’t make a mistake – buy appliances that you really need and you will never have to think about your chores.

Get aid without delay

FQAR company was founded to help consumers with maintenance of appliances. Even if a problem with your home equipment is very complicated, our repairmen will be able to solve it. With perfect knowledge about electricity and modern technologies FQAR specialists can repair everything quickly and qualitative. You can contact us as soon as damage starts to show its signs. We have a possibility to help you day and night to prevent tougher consequences.

Washers repair

Washing always takes many times. With Westinghouse technologies you will not have to wash clothes by your hands anymore. It doesn’t depend on what type of stains you have. These washers can remove such stains as:

  • Soil
  • Wine
  • Blood
  • Oily stains
  • Juice of different berries, fruits and vegetables
  • Chocolate
  • Pen

If your washing machine has got signs of bad working you should call us or contact in any other way to get our professional help.

Dryers refit

Using a dryer is very convenient, because you can forget about time that was spent for hanging on and removing clothes out the rope. You just need to load a dryer after washing and wait. Your garment will be absolutely dry and won’t have any creases or stains. But dryers can break down. In that case call FQAR repairman and he will restore it in a couple of hours.

Ovens mending

An oven is a base of every kitchen, so you just need to do a right choice when you purchase it. At first, you need to measure your kitchen for the right installation of it. Secondly, you must clean and look after it by yourself. Next, you need to ensure professional maintenance of your stove. It’s important to replace some details regularly and to examine those parts of stove, you can’t see by the naked eye. At these point, you may use FQAR services. Contact us and find out the details.

Fridges restore

Westinghouse fridges differ from other brands with their unique design and extremely high capacity. They are also very spacious, but there is a range of refrigerators with different features, like:

  • Sizes
  • Forms
  • Colors
  • Type of the door
  • Presence of a freezer

That allows choosing a fridge which is ideal for you and your family. If you have some failure in running of the appliance, you should call FQAR immediately. Our electrician will figure it out and refit all damages!

Dishwasher service

Existence of dishwashing machines simplifies lives. It gives an opportunity to save your hands with no more washing dishes. However, something in it can be broken. And the smallest inactive detail can stop running of a dishwasher. Don’t worry! FQAR workers will meet such problems with readiness. Call us and get our help!

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