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Whirlpool: follow your intuition

The latest technologies for your maximal convenience

Whirlpool is what you were looking for! Appliances of this manufacturer is durable and equipped by the latest innovative technologies which allow decreasing your efforts in carrying out of duties to the minimum. Moreover, these devices are sophisticated and diverse, so you will surely find a decision for your home. You will be surprised by intelligence and efficiency of Whirlpool appliances. Buy one time and use for years!

Prolong life of your appliances

FQAR technicians have a lot of useful skills that can increase your fridge or oven existence time. Our services are affordable and available for you without weekends and breaks. Doesn’t matter, what happened our repairmen are always ready for work. Whether you need regular replacement of details or serious refit of appliances, they will do it in the most appropriate time. Make an appointment with our handyman by phone or online.

Ovens refit

Serviceable ovens are necessary for your life. Whirlpool stoves ensure cooking like in your favorite restaurant. Make a surprise for your friends, family members or colleagues. With help of this oven you can prepare:

  • Delicious bakery
  • Meat and fish meals with appetizing crust
  • Roasted potatoes like from deep fryers
  • Sophisticated sauces
  • Complicated food for children

But in case of malfunction, call FQAR immediately for qualitative help!

Fridges repair

Whirlpool fridges are created to please you with indispensable functions. This refrigerator can make ice, regulate inside temperature automatically, freeze food for several months and more. Besides, it will fit in any kitchen. However, you need to look after it properly. If you see something goes wrong, for example, it is too hot or freezer leaks, you may use FQAR services. Our handymen will fix it to make your fridge as new as after purchase. Contact us in any available way!

Dishwashers restore

Dishwasher is one of the advantages the twenty-first century technologies. Your parents used to wash all tableware by their hands regardless of its quantity. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend your time on this. Dishwasher save your time and money, because it uses fewer detergents and water than you when wash manually. If you think that your dishes are not clean enough after washing, you should call us. It may break down and need some refit. Our repairmen will handle it!

Washer mending

If you want to look tidy and elegant, your washer must work on peak performance. That is what Whirlpool washing machines do! They ensure totally cleanliness and freshness of your clothes. But damage can disturb this. Your washer may:

  • Stop to drain
  • Not turn off or turn on
  • Use too much energy
  • Not to wash correctly with common quantity of detergent
  • Leak

Contact us and figure out what’s wrong!

Dryer maintenance

Line drying is not convenient for modern men anymore. It takes too much time, which can be spent on something more important with current crazy lifestyle. Don’t let any troubles with appliances knock you down. Call our specialists and don’t look aside from your doings.

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